Spotlight?Gaming Sweetie Bianca made her MSI Brand Ambassador debut


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Mar 26, 2014

(MSI eSport News Report)2014 MSI continuedto popularizing the global professional Electronic Sport (eSport) and made every effort to supporting the worldwide selected eSport gamers and eSport teams. Last year MSI sponsored a popular female eSport player Jane Bianca N. Yao, also known as Mski. Biancake, as our first ever homegrown brand ambassador in Philippines. Bianca is now only 16 years old, a student from the university in Manila. Now let?s find out more about her in our exclusive interview!

Hello Bianca! Congratulations to you on becoming the MSI Philippines brand ambassador! Kindly introduce yourself to our global users.
Greetings, everyone! I'm Bianca. I am currently a college student taking up Mass Communication. I am a scholar and an incoming sophomore. I used to be a competitive DotA player but decided to quit after MineskiTV recruited me as a shoutcaster for the coverage of Mineski?s events and an anchor in MineskiEsports News Weekly.

Link to for MineskiEsportsWeekly.

How does it feel to be MSI Philippinesbrand ambassador?
I am really grateful that MSI Philippines picked me as their brand ambassador because at the end of the day, I just see myself as a regular player like everybody else. I feel so blessed to be given this kind of opportunity because to be honest, I never expected this. That is why I always do my best to prove MSI and to MSI followers that they picked the right person to represent their brand and remind myself that I have to stay as the same Bianca Yao that they liked when they picked me. A gamer, a responsible student, a girl who loves eSport and loves MSI. I will forever be thankful to MSI for the trust that they have given me especially during the time that I was just starting as a shoutcaster.

MSI has a full range of gaming products, what is your favoriteproduct and functionso far and why? What elsedo you want to try in thefuture and why?
I have unboxed and tried many MSI products but for me, the one that stands out the most is my MSI GT60 gaming notebook! Back then I had doubts in using a laptop for gaming because here in the Philippines, we usually use desktop computers to play. However, after my first MSI GT60 experience, all those doubts vanished because it was the best gaming experience that I had as a gamer.The fact that I can carry MSI GT60 around in school and photo shoots while being able to play during break time is really something else. Before, I usually go to cyber caf? to play but now that I have MSI GT60, I can still play at home whenever I?m too busy to go to caf? and truth to tell, MSI GT60 actually performs better than any other computers I tried in any caf?. It?s hard for me to pick one feature because I love almost every feature in MSI GT60,but I guess if I were to choose one, my personal favorite is the Turbo Boost feature because when I activate it on my MSI GT60, I get over 80 FPS (Frame per Second) in DotA2 at max settings and this way I am able to play The Queen of Pain which is my favorite hero very smoothly, and myMSI GT60remains cool even while I?m playing it for a long period of time.In terms of the new products surprise me. I just unboxed the MSI GS70 Stealth and it was awesome, it is the thinnest and lightest 17" gaming notebook that I have ever seen so far. I?m sure MSI has more surprises in store for us in the future. I can?t wait!

eSport team Mineski-DOTA shoutcasterMski. Biancake.

?Support me so I can carry you!?

As a female DotAplayer,what is your favoriteeSport role and why?
Originally, I played the support role because that?s where everyone starts as it?s a role that requires less mechanics but I wanted a bigger role and eventually, I played carry for HappyFeet-Chix. I was a tri-lane carry back then and used heroes like Slardar that help initiates fights. What I love about playing this role is that it requires a lot of guts and timing because you know that your initiation will decide whether your team will lose or win in a team fight. As the saying goes, ?Support me so I can carry you!?

What is your favorite eSport team and why?
I?m pretty biased but of course, I love Mineski-DOTA and MSI-EvoGT. These are two of the most popular teams in the Philippines. I love Mineski-DOTA because they are the ones that started it all. If it wasn?t for them, the eSport scene here in the Philippines wouldn?t be like this.I love MSI-EvoGT because I personally know the players and meet and talk to them a lot during photo shoots and meetings and I love how passionate they are towards gaming. Whenever I?m around MSI-EvoGT, I feel so lucky that I?m surrounded by so many players who gamers look up to in their respective communities and share the same passion as I do towards eSport. We can talk nonstop about games and tournaments.In terms of International teams, I like The Alliance. Because they?re doing it! I love how they won against Na?Vi last TI3 (3rd The International DotA 2 Championships). I watched their last game against them via Livestream and I can?t believe what and how it happened but they won.

As a shoutcaster forMineski-DOTA, what do you do to get ready for anupcoming big event?
I play DotA and watch a lot of DotA vods(video-on-demand) so that I can be updated with the META and new terms of course. My Mineski family has always been supportive of me, they always guide and help me in shoutcasting especially Tryke and Lon because they are the first professional shoutcasters in Philippines.

Top: Bianca in campus with classmate.
Bottom: Bianca performs on stage; has her make-up and photo shoot.

?I keep in my mind that there is a real world outside the gaming scene that I should prepare for.?

As we know, you are a gamer, a shoutcaster, a model and a singer, and you are now still a student! Tell us how do you deal with all thesedifferent characters?

If you really love what you are doing, you have to be disciplined and you have to know your priorities. I tell myself that I should set my priorities. I make sure that I don't have school work left behind before playing DotA. I keep in my mind that there is a real world outside the gaming scene that I should prepare for.MSI has always been there for me and that helped me a lot, especially with my MSI GT60 which helped me in my studies and playing. Gaming is my way out of stress.

What is your expectationfor 2014?
I hope I can go somewhere out of the country because that?s something that I?ve never done in my life and of course to pass all my subjects. I hope that one of our top Pinoy teams get to the international because that would be awesome to watch.

All your fans are looking forward to see you again soon in the upcoming public activities! Tell us your plan for 2014?
Fans can always catch me in MineskiEsportsWeekly; it?s a show that features news and current events about eSport which is aired every Friday. You can also see me in MPGL DotA 2 that happens every 4th weekend of the month in MI Shaw. Lastly, in the upcoming MSI events for gaming that I can?t tell yet.
Finally, is there anything you want to say?
First and foremost, I would like to thank MSI Philippines for giving me this opportunity. To Ms. Marian, I love you so much! Thank you for all the advice and support and for always being patient with me. To my family,my friends and my Mineski familyout there! Too many to mention! Thank you for the patience in teaching me how to be a good shoutcaster and also to be a better person. Thank you for guiding me with what I'm doing and being good to me, always giving me pieces of advice, guiding me not just in gaming but in life in general.Thanks to all my fans, I wouldn?t call fans because I see you all as my fellow gamers. To all gamers and players out there, choose MSI!To my number 1 fanmy mother, thank you so much for your support, effort and guide! Thank you for waking me up whenever I have an event. It feels so great that you?re always more excited than me whenever I get projects. Thank you for being so supportive. I know that you?re the one who viewed my videos the most. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Thanks everyone!