Struggling to pair a Panocam Pro


New member
Jul 15, 2016
Good day,

I bought a new Panocam Pro but I cannot complete the pairing process.

I have downloaded the app, gone through the steps and when I attempt to pair, I press the button on the camera for three seconds and wait for the tone, play the Data over voice from the app, the light on the camera flickers green and I click next on the app it searches for the device and this is where it fails.

The camera gives a beep after about 20 seconds and the light goes red again and after a while the app tells me pairing failed.

I have tried different phones as well as different wireless routers, with different security settings.

Do I need to install an SD card for this to work?
Is internet required for the pairing process?
Is there another way to configure the device?
What wireless security setting is best fitted?

Please advice urgently.