Summit E14 Evo Series Tutorial Bonus Tips

Aug 11, 2020
MSI has launched the latest Summit E14 series model. The Summit E14 Evo series are blend of postmodern design with modern technology.

Tutorial video
For those who are interested in or purchased Summit E14 Evo series, MSI has recently release the Summit E14 Evo tutorial video, please check the link below.

MSI Business & Productivity product line
Two years ago, MSI has introduced the Business and productivity product line, including Prestige series and Modern series, and on the top of it, there lies the premium laptop – The Summit series.

MSI Summit E14 Evo series
The Summit E14 Flip Evo and Summit E14 Evo are the master piece of MSI engineering, they provide 16:10 golden ratio with bigger workspace, light and metal build chassis with optional convertible design but retained the performance. They are the perfect laptops that can adapt to any environment and always perform at their max potential for successful VIP business man who works around the clock.

This time, MSI offers two form factors, the Summit E14 Evo as a traditional laptop and Summit E14 Flip Evo as a 2 in 1 convertible laptop.

Touchscreen support

The MSI Summit Flip Evo series supports touchscreen, with the preinstalled Microsoft windows 11, you can manage tasks easier with touchscreen gestures. Besides the gestures that have been taught in the tutorial video, there are some more useful tricks.

1. Swipe to the left or right with three fingers: switch to another currently running application. If you do not release your fingers from the screen after swiping, you can manually choose the application window.
2. Swipe to the left or right with four fingers: if you add a desktop after swiping up with three fingers, you can switch to another desktop with four fingers swiping left or right.

Power button design

In the tutorial video, the design of preventing the power button from being mistouched has been mentioned. However, there is another hidden design underneath the power button. The laptop keycaps are all supported by a compressible mechanism.

When you hit a key on your keyboard, the mechanism beneath it will collapse at a certain pressure, depending on how it was designed.

The pressure needed for the structure under the power button to collapse is much higher than other keys on the keyboard, which means it needs to be pressed harder and can prevent being pressed accidentally. This is another brilliant design that MSI made for the Summit E14 Evo owner.

Finding your laptop through Tile

The tile feature on Summit E14 Evo series is powered by Bluetooth. Therefore, when your laptop is within the range of Bluetooth, the laptop will receive a signal and start ringing. If your laptop battery is above 0%, even when the laptop is shut down, the laptop will still ring and back to shut down mode after you found it and pressed done.

MSI Official Website
To know more about Summit E14 Evo, please visit the official MSI website
Summit E14 Evo:
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Jul 5, 2016
I love the tile feature which could prevent the lost of laptop.
Did it drain more power to keep it connect to network?


Oct 11, 2013
I would say with 16:10 screen ratio it's great for excel or web browsing.


Oct 11, 2013
The laptop comes with an impressive design and build, and is very lightweight which makes portability easy.