Summit E16 Flip A12UDT Out of stock!!!


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Feb 11, 2012
The 13th generation is too expensive. Compared to the previous generation, it feels more cost-effective
well no more are being made of the 12th gen ones so no new stock will ever come as they are no longer in Production so unless you can find one else where I doubt you will get one from the place you listed as they will never get no new stock as its no longer produced. I know what you mean with the price as the 13th gen with 4xxx Graphics are expensive as its newer tech (12th gen ones have about Halved in Value since they came out like my MSI Summit E16 Flip A12UCT that model when new was around $2700 when I got it but just before it got cut and the 13th gen ones came out it was down to around $1500).

so unless you can find somewhere that still has the 12th gen ones in stock somewhere near you then your out of luck.