Summit E16 Flip bonus tips

Aug 11, 2020
The Summit E16 Flip features a 360 degree hinge, with the new Dynamic Cooler Boost and 16:10 Golden Ratio display, it is the best companion to break the boundary between performance and portability.

A flip laptop
Summit E16 Flip –as its name implies, is able to be flipped and change its form into a tablet, tent mode, or keep the keyboard facedown as a stand.

When the laptop is flipped, you don’t have to worry about hitting the touchpad and keyboard on the other side of the laptop accidentally.
The MSI laptop will automatically lock the keyboard and touchpad if the laptop has been flipped over 180 degree, and unlock them once you flip it back to standard laptop form.

The webcam lock switch
Privacy is especially essential for a business-oriented laptop. For on/off quick access for the camera, you can choose to press the F6 hotkey, which toggles the camera on and off by software method. It is convenient when you are in the middle of a video call.

However, some may worry that a very skillful hacker could still turn the camera on by malware or virus.
MSI has provided a great way to prevent it, and you don’t have to put a tape on your camera anymore.
The webcam lock switch is located on the left side of the laptop. It can physically disconnect the circuit between the webcam and laptop. Therefore, not even the best hacker in the world will be able to access your camera.

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Jul 5, 2016
Wow~it comes with 16" screen means that we could have more space to use the pen for writing and drawing.