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Jul 14, 2016

MSI had launched the whole new Business & Productivity line which is designed for business users. The Summit series comes in a rather-classy looking and matte black with gold trims, expressing more of a premium vibe. As we know, the users of business laptops are not just pursuing performance. Instead, they put more attention on portable design and longer battery life to extend their productivity.


How much can the enterprise users benefit from the MSI Summit series?
The portability, efficiency and productivity can be boosted with the latest 11th Gen. Intel® Core processors is paired with the latest Intel® Iris Xe Graphics, which is the most powerful integrated graphics ever.

Let’s compare previous generation processors by PCMark 10 benchmark. It covers a wide range of activities from office software tasks to demanding work like digital media content, rather than only focusing on computing power.
There’re 3 testing categories as followed:
1. Essentials:
The test covers daily use applications, including Web Browsing, Video Conferencing, and App Start-up time.

2. Productivity:
The test measures system performance by everyday office software, including the Spreadsheets and Documents.

3. Digital Content Creation:
This test reflects the demands of digital content and media, including Photo Editing, Video Editing, Rendering and Visualization.


Without a doubt, the new 11th Gen. Intel® processor is the heart of the MSI Business & Productivity series. Based on the results, we can see the significant improvement on efficiency of i7-1185G7, which exceeds 15%, 131%, and 81% respectively in 3 categories compared to the 8th Gen. i7-8665U processor. MSI Summit series is definitely the top choice that boosts your efficiency to make more business deals.


In this part, we will talk about the fast system booting time and instantly waking up from the sleep mode in seconds which are really important for the on-the-go office. MSI business laptops offer Modern Standby that enables instant log-on, background process balancing, and power-efficient hibernation. Let’s benchmark the system booting time with different kind of storages.

From above result, you could easily understand how PCI-e based SSD benefits business users. These laptops are definitely your best partner by resuming work instantly no matter where you are.


Another crucial factor for the on-the-go office laptop is battery life. Similar to a smartphone, business users require always-connected feature and instantly resume along with long-lasting battery life. The Summit Series offers 10+ hours battery life for a full day working in an ultra-portable form-factor. Here’s the result of MobileMark® 2014 benchmark, which is tested on the Summit E14 A11SCS with Full HD 60Hz display in office productivity scenario with MSI Super battery mode. As you can see, the Summit E14 offers almost 11 hours battery life to support your entire day of work. Moreover, the Summit E15 can provide 16+ hours battery life due to special battery design. With this, leaving your charger at home during a full day working becomes possible.

The Summit series also have some friendly features that are helpful for work, such as a touchscreen that supports multi-touch and an exclusive "AI noise cancellation" that eliminates background noise to keep video conference on track.

If you are a business professional who values top-of-the-line performance and cutting-edge security, or those who look for enhanced productivity for your enterprise and everyday tasks, MSI Business & Productivity series is your best choice for all needs.

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Oct 11, 2013
The Summit E15 feels generally high-quality, thanks to the metal, though if you push around various spots on the lower half, you'll note more flex than on Razer’s flagship machine.


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Nov 3, 2020
This is really a great machine. I got mine about a month ago and have been putting it through its paces. It is lightening fast and the build quality is good. My only complaints is how hot it gets even when under light loads. Also my deck seems to be a bit warped along the back under the monitor. Not sure if it's from the heat but it is noticeable.


Feb 27, 2021
The Bios at the Summit must have the option to power on when AC Power is connected. For Business with external monitors this is a must have! But, the Summit did not have this option.