System Control Manager for GX710 under Vista x64?


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Jun 24, 2008
OK So i purchased a GX710-250 about 3 months ago and iv been hooked on it :grin:.  I just ordered the extended battery from and i loaded up Vista Ultimate X64 on it.  Everything working great on it as all the items have 64 bit drivers but i ran into a snag with the SCM software for it.  I notice that That the SCM software is only 32X but there is SCM Out there under some other laptop that MSI so i wounder if i can run the software from it on my laptop.  I really just need the Volume Control for in game  but i would to have my little UGI flash up and show me whats going on.  Has any one tried using the SCM from another laptops yet?  was it compatible with the laptop?  where there any issues?  just throwing this out there since i don't think MSI would go back and rebuild the SCM for 64X Vista.

Vista 64 is the future....get use to it.  I love it and the Emu system built into it is good enough already.
Sorry nope, no SCM for 64bit.
BTW, Vista will be dead next year, Windows 7 is coming because Vista is so bad (Source Microsoft), get used to it ;)
:deadlaugh: o well i still got 2 years to get use to this system and all so i don't mine installing it on my pc...anyways when the time comes and sooner or later everyone will have to upgrade in some format... i just hope 7 will go up to 64 bit also.  I've been on 64 for about a month now and I've seen no performance decrease but in fact seen performance improvement :like:.  My Friends and I see it its time for a generational leap in technology and have a windows system be only 64 bit.  But knowing Microsoft they are going to make Vista and Windows 7 the transitional OS like they did back in the early 90 with windows 3.0 and 3.1.  So i want to know whats going to be the Windows 95 of the 2000 and force a new 64x standard :agrees:. I'm sure im going to keep my XP Cd until 2010 when they kill support for XP :crying:.
"I'm sure im going to keep my XP Cd until 2010 when they kill support for XP"

Its till 2014,