Team Elunes: The Rise of Indian Gamers


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May 4, 2015
September, 2015

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of India? Movie 3 Idiots, Taj Mahal or Indian Curry? Now, there is another scene worth-noticing among streets in the land of diversity: Game Industry.
Ask around Indians, which is their most popular eSports livestream channel? A name will pop up, AFK Gaming. Formed in 2012, AFK Gaming is an India's premiere E-Sports community and coverage portal. Dedicated of creating quality Dota 2 content, the team is also known for its weekly dose of Indian and International eSports, The Queek Peek, is definitely a must-read for enthusiasts who look for casual gaming content.​
Managed by Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar as a division of AFK Gaming, the new powerhouse Team Elunes is one of the leading E-Sports team in India and now officially sponsored by MSI. In the nearly 9 months of existence, Team Elunes has made its mark in the South East region and already by making podium finishes in various national and international tournaments.​

Snatch silver at Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup, Mumbai

RageQuit Cup Season 3 Dota 2

Won bronze at GamePro Dota 2 Championship Bangalore

Focused on gameplay at GamePro Dota 2 Championship Bangalore

Stood runners-up at RageQuit Cup Season 3 Dota 2 tournament

Team Elunes came second in the IESL Championships 2015 at Bangalore Comic Con
(Indian eSports League Season 2)

Major Achievements
2nd - Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup, 2015
3nd - GamePro Dota 2 Championship Bangalore, 2015
2nd - RageQuit Cup Season 3 Dota 2 tournament in Delhi, 2015
1st - PWNED - the gaming event at IIIT Delhi's annual fest, Esya, 2015
3rd - Official Indian Dota 2 Rankings, 2015
2nd - Ragnarok Dota 2 Championship, 2015
1st - Joindota league (jDL) Asia Season 5 Division 2, 2015
2nd - The Video Game Fest, 2014
2nd - MTS GameGod Games Arena, Bangalore, 2014
2nd - Joindota league (jDL) Asia Season 4 Division 3, 2014

1st - King of The Hill season#1/#2 tournament, 2nd - King Of The Hill #3 tournament 2015
1st - 3 consecutive editions of Logitech G Free2Play
1st - Respawn Cup 2015
2nd - the ESL One Cologne India qualifier, 2015
1st - GameGod ESL CS:GO Challenge, 2015
1st ? Indi:GO tournament, 2015
3rd - MTS GameGod Games Arena, Bangalore, 2014
1st - MTS Weekly tournament edition, 2014
Now we have the honor to interview with team manager - Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar and one of the founders - Nishant ?ClouDx? Patel, both have an extensive knowledge of the Indian gaming industry.

MSI: Hi ClouDx and Zo9i, thanks for taking the time for this interview. Could you brief us how did your team start?
Nishant ?ClouDx? Patel: Setting up a professionally managed eSports team has always been one of our goals at AFK Gaming. A group of well-known professional players in the Indian scene approached us to take them under our management in October 2014. Given our content and coverage crew were well established we decided to take the plunge and after two months of planning and preparation we announced Team Elunes as our latest project.

Team Elunes at IESL Comic Con Bangalore

MSI: How did AFK Gaming, a professional E-Sports community and coverage portal motivated to establish new team and why the name: Team Elunes?
Nishant ?ClouDx? Patel: Our vision at AFK Gaming has two avatars :
1) To provide Quality and Consistent eSports content
2) To place Indian eSports on the global map.
Team Elunes is a step in the direction of our second vision statement. It's something we have always wanted to do however we didn't feel the time was right till late last year when the frequency and scale of Asian tournaments increased significantly.
The name Team Elunes was proposed by one of the former players from our Dota 2 squad. Elune is the major deity worshipped by the Night Elves in the popular game title - Warcraft. That's pretty much all there is to it haha. I wish I could say it was a bit wittier than that but it's just a nostalgic name that everyone liked at the time.
Elune, the goddess of the night elves

GamePro Dota 2 Championship Bangalore casted by ClouDx, Sid and AJ.

MSI: Have you ever had tough times and how did you managed to get through with it?
Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar: All teams face tough times. There were times when the teams required roster changes, faced issues with our previous sponsors, performance started to decline. But in all those times I had support from ClouDx and Chief (Co-founder, AFK Gaming) and I knew I could trust my teams and that if we stuck together and persevered, it would all work out in the end.

MSI: Among India eSport teams, which one do you consider to be topmost rivals?
Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar: Some of the upcoming teams really show promise and cannot be underestimated. In the Dota2 scene, NeckBreak eSports is our closest competition. Teams like Bad Xcuse and Roar eSports are also not far behind. In the Counter-Strike scene, I believe Team Brutality, Trade-Marc Gaming and MxB need to be looked out for.

MSI: Team Elunes had a stellar counter-strike run in the ESL One Cologne 2015 India qualifier Grand Final with NeckBreak. How did your team get all the way to the final deciding map?
Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar: Our journey in the ESL One Indian Qualifiers was quite interesting. We faced slight road bumps before the event began where we lost a key player and had to play with our 6th. Even then, our journey through the qualifiers was fairly smooth since the team had been regularly practicing and working on their gameplay and strats. Our match against NeckBreak in the finals was extremely close. The decider match in the BO3 match up went into multiple nail-biting overtimes but NeckBreak proved to be a better side in the end and went on to represent India in the ESL Asia-Oceanic qualifiers in Malaysia. That final match saw some great Counter-Strike action from some of India?s best players.

MSI: What is Team Elunes next step as to both DOTA and CS:GO team? And what are plans to achieve that goal?
Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar: As mentioned by ClouDx earlier, Elunes was started with a motive of representing India at an international stage. Having made a name for ourselves in the Indian scene, our next objective is to do the same in the SEA circuit. To achieve this, the plan is to start attending and participating in as many SEA tournaments as possible with a stable roster and at the same time, work on our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses to improve our game.

MSI: As a long-term observer, what do you see the state of the video game industry in India today and that in the future?
Siddharth 'Zo9i' Nayyar: I would like to be an optimist in this situation. I wouldn?t say that the condition of eSports in India is the best, however I do feel it?s picking up. We?ve got more brands involving themselves in the scene, more tournaments with considerable prize pools and more players looking to make a career out of the sport. If we keep up with this pace and are able to eliminate certain elements that are holding us back, we should be able to prove ourselves as a country to be reckoned with quite soon.

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Team Elunes
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