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Nov 5, 2014
Phoenix GaminG is a group of teams and individuals who participate in a variety of eSports titles. Founded in 2008, Phoenix GaminG currently has over 125 members who actively take part in ten competitive titles. Phoenix GaminG currently stands as the leading clan in Sri Lanka and it was awarded the "Best Clan Award" in 2014 at the Sri Lankan eSports Awards.

1. Would you please introduce the main organization and team members to us?
We currently have more than 125 dedicated members playing all the titles played in Sri Lanka namely: They are Duty 4, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike GO, League of Legends, HALO 4, FIFA 15, Mortal Kombat X, TrackMania, Need for Speed, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. We also stand as the only clan to have won every single title at least once and the first and only clan to have an international partnership with a brand such as MSI.
Phoenix GaminG has an administrative hierarchy which allows us to very clearly monitor our members of different departments and to help them solve any issue fast and efficiently.
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2. In 2014?s eSports tournaments, can you share the most memorable or impressed one with us?
It was probably last year?s Sri Lanka Cyber Games (commonly known as ?SLCG?, which is the biggest annual eSports festival in Sri Lanka organized by Gamer.LK. 2014 was a revolutionary year for Phoenix GaminG as we went entered a new level of eSports with the support of MSI and our other sponsors. By the end of the first quarter of 2014, we were very close to the total number of achievements we got during the whole of 2013. Everyone was well determined to give their best at SLCG and they did. The whole year?s effort paid-off when Phoenix GaminG won the Best Clan Award at the Sri Lankan eSports Awards, which is a part of SLCG. We also got nominations for 7 categories and won 5 awards at it. It was a beautiful conclusion for a great year.
Another tournament to mention is the MSI Beat IT: Colombo we organized with the support of MSI Sri Lanka. It was a great experience for our members to work alongside MSI to host a big tournament as well as to take part in a large number of titles.
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3. Tell us what gamers will do during your leisure time?
Our members are not forced into playing a single game to maintain their performance; we always encourage them to play as many games as they like to develop multiple skills. Therefore, our members are real passionate gamers who even spend their leisure time playing the games they compete in. But other than that, our members play almost any of the new releases they like.
Apart from the digital world, we organize physical activities such as Futsal tournaments and road trips to build the team spirit within our clan. We believe having diversity is a key point in a successful clan.

4. MSI has a full range of gaming products can you share your experience about using MSI gaming products?
MSI has been a great strength to Phoenix GaminG since the day of becoming partners. We have received many products such as the Z97 Gaming 9 AC motherboards, GTX 780Ti GAMING 3G GPUs, SteelSeries Siberia V2 Gaming Headset MSI Edition headsets, MSI Nightblade Desktops, MSI Gaming Mice including SteelSeries Kana MSI Edition, MSI Adeona backpack, and basically every product we need from performance to comfort. The ones mentioned here were received a year ago so we didn?t request an upgrade yet as they?re still in great condition.
Apart from the gaming use, MSI products have helped us greatly when it comes to hosting servers, making promotional videos, and for showcasing purposes.  

5. As a professional eSports gamer, how to keep highly enthusiasm in eSports tournament? Any suggestions for all the gamers that intend to go pro?
Participation, presence, and spectator are the main three ways to maintain your eSports enthusiasm. As mentioned earlier, Phoenix GaminG encourages its members to always play multiple games. Even if a player is not well competent in a game, we motivate him or her to always take part and try to take in the experience.
However, participation alone cannot build a champion. We believe that a true enthusiast would willingly spend time to watch others play, analyze the game, and have self-comments about the game. And being present at game-related events to take part or to cheer your comrades/friends is very important to improve your team spirit as well as your enthusiasm.
What we can say to gamers as a successful clan is to never give up. We all started off as newcomers who were bad at our best games. But we didn?t give up. Don?t stop by saying ?I don?t have the skills of others? or ?I would have been better in a good clan?. Keep practicing and improve yourself, don?t leave your trusted people for higher glory, and stay loyal, recognition will come to you.  
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6. Tell us about Sri Lanka's gaming environment. Do you have any suggestion about the current eSports development in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka?s gaming environment devolved tremendously over the past few years. We as an old clan saw how the community grew from less than a hundred game enthusiasts into a community of over 10,000 faces. We thank Gamer.LK for all of its efforts on developing the community to where we are now.
Phoenix GaminG always gives equal prominence to every title played in Sri Lanka. It may be big, small, team, or individual. A suggestion for the community would be to give equal recognition to all games. Individuals also practice extremely hard to maintain their lead so it?s only right that they get the same recognition as teams do.
Just as eSports is developing, other sectors of gaming such as development are also slowly improving in Sri Lanka. Phoenix GaminG currently has members who have taken game development and journalism as a profession as well. In a matter of years, we will probably see a big gaming industry right here in this small country.  

7. What is the goal that Phoenix Gaming team is thinking to achieve this year?
As the year is almost over, we are focusing mainly on SLCG now. We are currently having steady practice sessions as well as team activities to boost the performance of all of our members.
All of our departments are in a great shape at the moment. We are determined to dominate every single title at SLCG this year. We are constantly looking into our faulty areas and patching them to bring forward the best lineup possible. The ultimate goal of going to the international scene is still within us, more determined than ever, and we are currently looking at a few opportunities to do so. With the great support we get from MSI, our other sponsors, and the priceless dedication of our amazing members, we are sure that we can make it and achieve greater glory than we did last year!



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Jun 25, 2016
I know this post has been dead for awhile but it caught my attention. Has there been any thoughts on making it a world wide empire, North America Team, South America Team, Africa, Europe, Etc even broken down more to country depending on desired outcome. Seems that opening such a well developed group to branching out to a much larger unit.

Access for team recognition in smaller competitions, in various countries, and then globally have more representative teams placing in global ranking. Litterally making an industry out of it. With the growth of E-Sports, and its growing fan base, logically having teams that people can follow that are located in their regions would improve the connection globally with fans. Allowing for sales of apparel, team endorsed gear, and really an unimaginable amount of other things.

But like the world Cup, First people cheer for their country, then if their primary team looses, they still follow the teams that have the most connection with them. An Umbrella Corporation style e-sports Unit like Phoenix, could capitalize globally on branching out into other regions.  E-sports or competitive gaming has been around for awhile but it only has been relatively recent that it has gained such ground outside of gamers themselves. With any major shifts in industry, evolving, and taking risk are traits of the organizations that have the greatest positive impact. Just a thought

Congrats and good luck to you all.
Peace out, IrishVirus