Technical support: WIFI not working properly


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Aug 1, 2016
I can't find a more appropriate forum, so I put this here.

I just purchased a GL72 6QF laptop. I submitted a ticket, and received the automatic receipt of form message. I checked the status of my submission and it is listed as "close".  Does that man I am close to the top of the list, or does it mean that my case is closed? How could it be closed without the time for someone to read it?  IF it is closed, where do I go to get help, since that way doesn't seem to work?

At first, I could see and connect to my wireless 5g modem, but they wouldn't communicate. Then I was no longer able to see the networks. Lan cord allowed internet, but unplugging didn't.  Shutdown and restart doesn't help. Finally, when unplugging the lan cord, an airplane signal appeared, and turning off the airplane mode allowed intermittent internet for a short time, then it all disappeared again..  Now I am sitting about 8 feet away from a 5g modem that my phone recognizes with full bars, that my new laptop can't even sense.

What is the procedure in these cases? Is my case really already closed without even being looked at, or did I misread that?  

And now, this is one of those rare occasions where I haven't met the minimum 350 word count. Usually, I am fussed at for speaking too long... so this is surprising to me. So, I shall add another sentence, and hope I have finally achieved wordiness. Evidently, I have not. I hope my new readers appreciate the irony here.  Most of the time, technical sites say "LESS WORDS", not more.  I am beginning to wonder if  the issues is actually  that I exceeded the MAXIMUM word limit, not the minimum.  That would have made more sense. ah, but no. I shortened this way down, and it still didn't accept it, so obviously I am just not wordy enough. I shall revel in this new experience, as a rack my brain for new ways to say that I am taking up space words of no import.  Have I reached 350 yet?


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Mar 2, 2016
it's going to sound strange, as it's new, out of the box, but go to your MSI service page and update all your drivers IN THE ORDER LISTED. I'd look at BIOS and Firmware as well. Killer causes a lot of wireless and internet problems.