Thank you MSI ~ 1080 Gaming X

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Sep 14, 2018
OK, hello MSI world, this is my first MSI product! I used to be an Asus and Gigabyte customer. I had a PC with a Gigabyte 1070 in it, but running an ultra-wide 3440x1440 monitor the card struggled a bit in some games. Monster Hunter for example, it was capped at 60fps but would often slip below that to about 55fps. So on paper it was not ideal, I was always aware that it could be better. My plan was to buy a 2080 to replace it this Sept, but honestly the cards are just too expensive for me so I decided to get a cheap 1080 instead which would last for a few years and plug that annoying fps gap in my system!
I have long had my eyes on the MSI 1080 Gaming X and knew it was a good card. I am a temperature nut so I tend to look for good cooling solutions. Asus or Gigabyte triple fan are the norm for me so the MSI represented something very different. It was dual fan not triple and of course it was MSI. Having read loads of reviews though I knew that the MSI could match the cooling of a Gigabyte or Asus triple fan, so when I saw the cards price drop as they 2080 was announced I decided to have a go!! What an amazing card the MSI is. Just to give you one example, the MSI ran Monster Hunter capped at 60fps without ever dropping below that figure. So way better than the 1070. Not only that but the 1070 was running at 100% all the time, the MSI was a pretty constant 69% so plenty of power left. I was also intrigued by the way that MSI Afterburner ( which I have used for years ) was happily reporting that the card was overclocking itself to 1987MHz. I didn't to that! Honest! But anyway. I use an aggressive fan profile cus I am a cooling nut and I used the same profile as the Gigabyte, and amazingly the MSI was only two degrees warmer. It was running at a maximum of 54 Degrees C ( average 52% ). That's amazing. I was expecting it to be six to nine degrees hotter than the gigabyte simply because it was a 1080 rather than a 1070. The fan was only running at 65% as well so there is headroom for even more cooling!! The fact that it's running at almost the same temperature with the same fan profile is a real testament to the power of the cooling system on the MSI.
I am amazingly impressed with this product, and that doesn't happen very often! My first MSI product will not be my last. Well done MSI.
What can I say? If the 2080 is too expensive for you then consider a 1080 while they are fantastic value. They are amazing cards.