The Comparing RAW with TS Time Lapse Recording file for MSI PANOCAM


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Jul 30, 2014
I am a big fan of MSI, I have been using its motherboard, MP3 and NB. MSI introduces a new IOT product in 2015, MSI PANOCAM, I feel excited about it, therefore I wanna share some experience of MSI PANOCAM here.

Have you heard Time-Lapse, it is very popular skill for movie and advertisement. it looks very interesting because Time-Lapse shows interval recording fast forwarded.  It has been widely used in various industry, such as observation of flower growth; building construction and natural scene change.

The Comparing Analysis of RAW and TS file for Time Lapse

How to manage time lapse recording file is critical problem in the marketplace many end-users encountered. Generally speaking, there are two categories file have been used as Time Lapse recording, one is RAW file and another one is TS file.

The advantage of RAW would be better video retouched, such as more flexibility of colorful balance, color temperature adjustment and less Zoom in/out distortion. Especially, RAW is quite suitable for weak light resource environment and low speed camera shutter. Therefore, the requirement capacity of RAW file is larger than TS.

As beginner, be familiar with TS is suggested here, you can not perform as high quality as professional RAW quality until you learn proper shooting skill. Practicing shooting skill is necessary and should be prior than video retouching.
Left part is shooting by TS and ambiguous scene can be seen; Right part is RAW which demonstrates more detail scene