The eSport Fighter @ Middle Eastern Asia: AiDeMiGoDMSI


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Mar 26, 2014
Shahriar Shaki, also known as Ai.DeMiGoD.MSI, is one of the top and well-known professional eSport gamer in Middle Eastern Asia. Ai.DeMiGoD.MSI became a professional eSport gamer at his very early age, and was the first person in Middle Eastern Asia who won the championship of World of Warcraft in WCG. Sponsored by MSI, the world leading Gaming brand, Ai.DeMiGoD.MSI is now a representative figure of in Middle Eastern Asia?s eSport industry.

1. As a professional gamer and an ambassador of MSI, please share with us the most interesting things during the cooperation with MSI, and which impressed you most?
As the first professional gamer in Middle Eastern Asia, I still have to admit that a professional gaming laptop is my urgent need before I became the ambassador of MSI. It is my honor to be the ambassador of MSI, and with the great support given by MSI, I do feel less pressure and no worries to head in the tournaments with more confidence.

2. Talk about the most unforgettable tournament during 2013~2014.
It's a hard question to answer since I personally value each tournament I participated. I think every tournament has its own importance and uniqueness, so that every tournament is irreplaceable.
But if I am asked to pick one, I will say that I was so impressed by the tournament held in South Korea this year. Although the internet connecting condition is bad in Middle Eastern Asia, I still compete with China?s top gamer who has the 3rd ranking in WCG. It was really an amazing and exciting experience for me.

WCG, 2013

3. As a professional gamer, please share your training schedule per day with us. How much time approximately will be needed in training and tournaments for you a year?
Frankly speaking, I spend most of my time on training and tournaments. I am proud to say that, it is my choice, my career to be a professional gamer, therefore training become one of the most important thing in my life. There are approximately 8 to 9 solid hours I spend on training. To me, there is no short cut to win the game but practicing and practicing.

4. While training and tournaments may be occupying most of your time, what will be the impact on you?
I love what I am doing and value what I choose to become, the professional gamer. Nothing stops me from concentrating my energy on eSport career, but the bad internet connecting condition in Middle Eastern Asia. Of course I am so lucky to have a wonderful family, friends, and a great team (Alien Invasion) manager. They support me wholeheartedly, and leave me no worries behind while I am devoted myself on my eSport career.

5. As a professional gamer, what is the definition of GAMING to you?
In my opinion, GAMING is the goal that I am striving for and it is the thing that I can make my country proud of me.

6. Tell us what you will do or like to do during your free time?
I used to play Ping-Pong seriously during my free time, but now I would rather spend my free time with my families. We love doing everything together, such as watching films, listening to music, and also hiking, and so on.

7. In 2014~2015, any specific tournament will you aim at? What is the goal you are thinking to achieve this and next year?
I have been staying apart from practicing games for 3 to 4 months, because I am planning and trying to be a managing director in Middle Eastern Asia Gaming Committee. Hopefully, I will become a manager in the committee, and give contribution to the eSport Industry in Middle Eastern Asia. And of course, as a professional gamer, my plan is to be a participant in the tournaments of Malaysia 2014 and ESWC 2014, and do my best to win the competition.

8. Please introduce the eSport industry in Middle Eastern Asia, any opinion or expectation a professional eSport gamer will like to bring up?
Speaking to the eSport industry in Middle Eastern Asia, I think there are many things worth to be improved. Generally, we are lack of knowledge in management, and we need someone who has specialties and enthusiasm in eSport to give a broad view to the people in Gaming Committee. With the support of Gaming Committee, our gamers will have the chance to focus and concentrate on the competition, and then win the competition. Now, I am the manager in Gaming Committee, I believe we can make something different and beautiful happen for the eSport industry in Middle Eastern Asia.




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Jun 15, 2014
wanted to be like him? i think every gamers wanted it, but, not all country have good internet connection, just like he said in iran