The Forest - Running on an MSI 980gtx 4gb ocv1

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May 28, 2017
Hey y'all! I'm the #BearBo and I gots me lots of MSI stuff! :D Including my DRAGONS who are hanging on my wall in each of their 4 elements :D I got done streaming some games last night with my fellow Tribal Warriors 
(I'm native american but also part of The Gtribe... I don't understand how anyone out there can DARE call themselves a gamer or a techie and not know what is... that's not a gamer or a techie... that's a POSER!)
Anyway, we very much enjoyed the experience offered by The Forest! The gfx are both pretty and well optimized (meaning they run very well with few crashing or any other issues) and the sound design is very well done but could use a little attention. What I mean by that is, nothing in particular is WRONG with it (so to speak) however it is lacking the subtleties that games like Escape from Tarkov are employing to an amazing effect. I think if they paid just a slight bit more attention in that area, they would have video game gold here! Not that they don't already. This is one of the better "survival" games I've played lately, and apparently I've turned into MR. SURVIVOR STREAMER since that's much of what we play these days on #TheStream. ANY OF YOU ON THIS BOARD WHO CLAIM YOU ARE GAMERS OR TECHIES, YOU ARE NOT... CAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT baby! That's a guarantee! Your either a poser pretending to know things about tech and gaming or you REALLY ARE ONE OF US AND A MEMBER OF THE TRIBE! Who can claim they are a gamer/techie and not know about an entire SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK DEDICATED TO GAMERS/TECHIES?? It's BETTER THAN FACEBIZZLE! Screw Facebizzle... just a bunch of anonymous cowards running around the internet insulting one another. the doesn't put up with that kind of crap. We are ALL real people playing REAL GAMES #TOGETHER! Xbox has its own built in "Social Network" as does Playstation... WHERE IS THE ONE BELONGING TO THE MASTER RACE??? It's at baby! ;) [attachthumb=1]


Not open for further replies.