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Apr 1, 2015
Team Forge shines the power of MSI Dragon soul
HOT! MSI eSport News Report, as MSI goes on a campaign around the world with the most powerful gaming weapon and winning enormous reputation and recruiting the Dragon army of MSI.

MSI x Team Forge ? Empower the Gaming Passion
Located in Italy, MSI started alliance with eSport Team - Team Forge. Team Forge was founded in 2016 with the goal to grow up the Italian national esport scene and to help the Italian players to approach the international competitive scene. The objective was achieved at the first try with the qualification in the Summer 2016 Challenger Series, setting Team Forge as the first Italian team to step into the League of Legends pro scene.

Q: Please share opinion about using MSI Gaming products?
A: All our players are working with MSI pc and monitors and our staff is always carrying the MSI laptops, necessary instrument to be always prepared to any challenge, inside or outside the training room. The MSI quality allows us to work at the top of the potential and to be always on point when it comes to compete with other national and international teams.

Q: Which region do Team Forge want to challenge? Why?
A: Team Forge was founded to bring italian talents on the top of Europe. Our challenge starts from italy, from the scouting of new talents and their growth, but the goal is to compete with the top europen teams in the EU Masters.

Team Forge - LOL Team Member Introduction
Following is the highlight of the stage! MSI proudly presents the exclusive interview of Team Forge members. Let?s check out what do these energetic players speak out.

Mauno Talli ? Beansu (Top laner)

Q: Could you share your expectation of Team Forge or yourself?
A: My expectation is to be the best. That's why I work so hard every day.

Q: In the same position in the LOL, who do you respect to any pro player?
A: When i was becoming a pro player, I was looking up to many players, but as time went on the players I looked up to became my rivals. I still keep an eye on a lot of top laners but in a way to improve myself and not as an idolatry.

Q: What would you do except play games, do you do any other activities?
A: When I am home I like to hang out with my real life friends.

Luca Valla ? Guilty (ADC)

Q: Could you share your expectation of Team Forge or yourself?
A: I dont really have precise expectacions, I just keep working and doing my best. The way is long and hard but I don't want to put any limit.

Q: Who is the one pro player do you look up to?
A: My favourite adc is KT Deft, in my opinion the best player of the world in my role for performances, experience and knowledge.

Q: What do you usually do on holidays except for gaming?
A: I like to workout in the team gym and I love to watch tv series when I have some spare time.

Tim Aadam Laats ? Klaabu (Mid laner)

Q: Could you share your expectation of Team Forge or yourself?
A: I expect us as team to become good enough to compete against the best teams in EU Masters.

Q: In the battlefield of LOL, which pro player do you admire?
A: Out of pro midlaners I respect Crown and Faker the most. They proved to be able to be always on top.

Q: What activity would you do on holidays?
A: Not really, nothing special. I like to hang out with friends, to watch tv series, basically what everyone does.

Vittorio Massolo ? Click (Jungler)

Q: Could you share your expectation of Team Forge or yourself?
A: Get back on track and start winning again after the second place in PG Nationals.

Q: Until now in the pro battlefield of LOL, who is your respectable opponent?
A: Maxlore is my favourite jungler, he has a strong personality and he brought his team to a great placement at 2017 Worlds.

Q: In addition of playing and practicing LOL, what else do you do in your lesisure time?
A: I don't really do other activities other than playing. Sometimes i play other games just for fun or watch streaming an tv series.

Oleksandr Yankovich ? Efias (Support)

Q: Could you share your expectation of Team Forge or yourself?
A: I expect to keep improving constantly and to become a better player and person day by day for the team and myself.

Q: Do you have any pro player you wanna challenge?
A: Mikyx, I like supports with mechanics and he is the best example.

Q: What do you do when you are not playing PC games in your leisure time?
A: Yoga, meditation, reading, tv series, I find these activities the most relaxing.

Alessandro Sesani ? Sekuar (Head Coach)

Q: Can you talk about your plan and expectation of Team Forge and the memeber?
A: I had the pleasure to be one of first Team Forge members, when the owner decided to start this project i was super excited to be a part of such an ambitious group. In our first year we achieved successes beyond the imaginable, it was really impressive and that was possible because of the great environment that Team Forge provided to all the players and the staff members. We keep working and growing toghether, giving to a lot of italian players the chance to play on international stages.

Q: Do you want to rather be the player in the game than be a coach? Why?
A: Never. I never been good as League of Legends player. I immediately started to watch the game from an analytic prospective, looking at the math and the numbers behind every action made in game.

Q: Coach, do you want to say something to your team member?
A: I already say enough in the daily work, but there is one thing I will never be tired to repeat: set your goals, short and long term ones, and wake up every day with you goal in mind. Every player is the sum of the days he spent this way, do your best in every minute of every game and you will be rewarded. You reap what you sow.

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