Things you can?t miss at MSI Gaming Night 2016


Nov 5, 2014
As a hardcore gamer, I was glad to be invited to the MSI Gaming Night at Humble House Taipei on May 31 which was the first night of COMPUTEX 2016.

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After passing by the 30-year history wall of MSI, we entered the experiential zones to have a first look on amazing VR backpack equipment and lots of fantastic MSI products.
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Don?t forget to have photo with the Dragon and had some fun with other gaming partners.

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The whole venue was full of gaming elements consisting of simply black and red, and the dragon, the symbol of MSI Gaming, was anywhere. MSI turns 30 in 2016, and starting from this year, MSI takes the lead in VR and high-end PC related industry with the concept of 1stVR Ready!!

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Starting with the MSI gaming song, the screen brought us back to 30 years ago and we all witnessed how MSI started its own brand and now became the high-end gaming brand, the top choice for gamers. That was amazing!! Followed by the speech of Joseph Hsu, President & CEO of MSI, he thanked all the partners? support till today and touched the audience?s hearts!!

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It?s worth mentioning that the CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, and some other executives including Jay Puri were also joining this party with us. In addition, this was the only public schedule for Jen-Hsun Huang in Taiwan during COMPUTEX, and he said?MSI is a company that has always been innovated and we?re gonna build big industry together!!?Afterward, NVIDIA and MSI gave each other special presents to appreciate this cooperation. We can see how strong the relationship is between these two companies.


And of course, the Senior Vice President of Intel (Greg Pearson), the executives of Intel, 10 more gaming partners and more than 300 VIP Channel Partners all wished MSI for a prosperous year ahead. We all enjoyed at this party with delicious food, red wine and live band.

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From Gaming to VR, I can tell MSI high-end PC got the huge potential. In order to bring the most perfect experience to gamers, MSI keeps showing us the innovation over the years and only cooperates with the best partners in the world. At the end, we all toasted to future together and happy birthday to MSI !!