Time to Upgrade your Software – MSI CENTER


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May 27, 2021
Will installing this MSI Center repair the damage that installing Dragon Center caused? I was only recently, after extensive internet research, able to disable the Nahimic Virus that Dragon Center infected my system with. I will NEVER buy another MSI product, until they address, and rectify, the wise spread problems they have caused their customers by forcing Nahimic down their throats!!! Anyone who has installed the god awful Dragon Center knows EXACTLY what I am talking about. You should not have to buy a special uninstaller just to eliminate a unwanted program/virus that a manufacturer sneaks onto your computer without asking.
I am late to this post, but what Nahimic virus are you referring to? I ask because I purchased an older model MSI Creator laptop and late last year, after updating of several apps through MSI Creator Center my system began to play a sound file consisting of a few musical notes that I could not find the source of...and it played on and on intermittently and overlapped itself at times. Sometimes it would become silent for about 15 minutes, but then it would start again and go for HOURS!! It drove me absolutely insane. I had to keep my computer audio muted and couldn't play any music or watch videos. It was horrible. I never figured out what it was, but eventually figured out that I could isolate it by muting my system sounds. That was the only thing that would silence the noise. I never figured out where it came from and to this date it may well be still playing in the background on mute. I wonder if this is the virus you are referring to.