TITAN GT80S - To Repair or Not To Repair


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Mar 26, 2016
Hello All,

I would be so appreciative of your advice. I have a Titan GT80S, 5 years old that is having display problems.

I was using it recently when the screen suddenly flashed and went blank. All the keys were still illuminated red. I did a forced shutdown (power button), and tried to restart it. The keys illuminate but the screen doesn't respond. After about 30 seconds, the cooling fans come on full blast. The logo on the lid doesn't illuminate like it would normally. I have to force shutdown again.

I have put it into a repairer who has given an early indication of GPU but hasn't opened it up yet to troubleshoot. If it's the GPU I'm guessing it could end up being expensive and I'm trying to decide whether it's worth going down that track on a 5 year old system. Are the original GPU's still available (GTX 970M), how much to install, how many other components are needed, e.g. motherboard, CPU.

If it accumulates to a couple of grand, I figure I should retire it. Fixing some components leaves others that are still 5 years old. I would be planning on dropping $5K on a new system.

Again, I would greatly appreciate any thoughts people might have.

Many Thanks

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Feb 20, 2021
best thing is to invest in another laptop, you could sell your laptop for spares or repair and get some costs back.