too high processor frequencies in the dragon center.


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May 8, 2020
Looking in the hardware monitor of msi dragon center, I noticed that the processor frequency was 4300+ Mhz (see attachment), which, if I'm not mistaken, is equivalent to 4.3Ghz. However I have an Intel? Core ? i7-8700K processor which, without overclocking, is at 3.7 Ghz. I never (at least intentionally) overclock my device, so I don't understand why it would go at such high frequencies. I would just like to know if it is normal, if there is any risk of deterioration of the processor or something, and if so how to reset a normal frequency. I don't know much about it, and even after several google searches I can't find an answer.
Nvidia GTX 1080
Intel Core i7-8700K
MSI Z370 PC PRO (MS-7B49)
Thank you for reading me, hoping to be enlightened on this subject,
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Feb 11, 2012
your Processor uses Intel Turbo Boost and a i7-8700K has a base frequancy of 3.7Ghz and under load will boost upto 4.70 GHz as its using Intel Speed Stepping Based on what the CPU is Doing so will hover anywhere between the 2 values on the Fly.

Windows User modes will affect how long it boosts for and the Higher you have it set the sooner it will boost with nearly no load. like the CPU in my GE66 Raider has a base of 2.3Ghz with a boost of 5.1Ghz and most the time hangs out around 4.05Ghz on Balanced Performance setting in windows bouncing up and down by upto 900Mhz. to get anywhere near the 3.7 base on yours you would have to disable the speed stepping or make windows Power plan to its minimum level.