Trident 3 Arctic System and MSI service/support Feedback


New member
Aug 24, 2021
After few years of use, I have found MSI product performance be below average for the price paid (almost USD$3,000) and company technical support is outdated technology that cannot auto-detect missing drivers, everything has to manually downloaded and update.

There is also no easy way to verify if the current system driver is already up-to-date, basically I have to go into each device and check the firmware/driver info manually and see if the update is available.

For a 'tech' company selling desktop and notebook, I expect them to have up to date auto-detection of what drivers/software is missing on my computer.

I strongly recommend not buying another MSI computer of any kind, you will find better deal and technical support from Dell, HP, or even China's Lenovo is better.

Also navigating through the support forum, I was asked to login going from pages to pages, it seems that the company website is completely glue together by different developers. This is the saddest and worst computer tech website, along with the miserable product support.