Trouble with far cry primal and software is confusing me


New member
Jan 10, 2020
I am having trouble with all the new software of my new build and playing far cry primal, from what I know about all the spec of my components I shouldn't be having any issues with 1920x1080 on normal settings but it keeps glitching out and I have to sign out to end it.
Part of my thing is new to me software, msi after burner, msi gaming app, msi app manager, msi x boost, then theres the radeon software on top.
So what of these things do I need, it seems to me like they are kind of competing for permissions with so many different things going at once. what settings would you recommend and where do I start. Which ones take priority, which ones are the most important etc.

I haven't done any gaming in years and the overclocking thing is gibberish to me. I don't mind over clocking to the recommended spec, ie 4.1 but how do I do that and tweak this so it just runs smoothly?