TV @anywhere new software version?



Hi all,

I just purchased the TV @anywhere from a vendor who just had them re-stocked. The WinDVR software version I have is something like: 2.0 B034.108C20 . I assume this may be the most recent release as I do have Mpeg4 encoding as a customized option. I managed to record in Mpeg4 and play it back. BUT, there doesn't seem to be any indexing, so I can't fast forward or even jump to another section. Also, I can't playback in any other format than Mpeg4. If I use the standard Mpeg2 encoding, no suitable decoder can be found to play it.

Moreover, I seem to be having other problems, such as the sound card gets hijacked by the software. Even after I quit WinDVR, I don't get any sound from any other application, no matter how I change the setup in windows multimedia control or the mixer controls. the program has crashed on me several times while I was doing harmless things. By the way, I am running Win2K with the latest service pack.

I am still trying to piece together everything, so it would be helpful if people can post their software and driver version so I can compare. If it turns out that I do have a newer version, then shame on MSI for not making it public to other people, or releasing it before it was fully debugged to new users.