TV Anywhere Plus: Capture above 320x240??


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Jun 22, 2011
Is there a way to capture at higher than 320x240 with a TV@nywhere Plus on Windows XP?  I've tried several software packages with no luck. The BDA driver (used by VLC, AVI-IO, WinDV, etc.) appears to be fixed at 320x240.

VirtualDub and Descaler are able to use  WDM Image Capture instead of BDA, and these are able to display the signal at a beautiful 720x480 --- but unfortunately they both crash when I try to record using WDM (athough 320x240 BDA works fine).

I am trying to digitize S-VHS tapes (480i) that contain microscope research footage, so it is actually quite important to get the best resolution possible.  I am using S-Video but I could switch to composite or coax if that would help.

I have installed the latest XP drivers from MSI's web site.  Incidentally, neither the Viva TV software that came with the card nor PVRPlus from MSI's website works --- they both have unspecified errors and show a blank screen when I attempt to view the S-Video input signal.

This topic was asked about the TV@nywhere (not Plus) several years ago, with some posters saying AVI-IO was able to give them the full resolution.  This does not work for me; it's fixed at 320x240.

Upgrading to Windows 7 is not currently an option.
Nothing, huh?

I've switched to Linux for video capture - meaning I have to reboot the computer every time I want to perform this particular task. The v4l2 open source Linux driver works flawlessly with 720x480 capture as its default.

I will think long and hard before buying another MSI product if they can't be bothered to supply working drivers.