Okay what the h3ll is up with your TV software? Cause frankly I'm a little up set with it.

I try to set it to good old USA and it say no way and inserts Afghanistan as my Country, I try Canada.. but nope only Afghanistan and no other country will do.

Frankly I don't find this funny in the least, and as such you'll never earn another American dollar from me, or others that seek my advice on products. I do hope you enjoy your camels in trade for your hardware, cause stuff like this sure wont win you any green backs.

I suggest you fix the problem quickly, or some one from the states is likely to take your butt to court.

Oh and by the way this is with your drivers and software posted on this site currently.

All my prior problems with this product where some what acceptable, with a fairly new product. How ever this kind of 5hit is totally out of line, with the current coming and goings of the FIX IT!!!


Yeah it doe's till I turn off the schedule taskbar app then it stops doing that bs.

I'm still not entertained with this product any more, frankly at this point its just junk to me and MSI can go bust far as I care.

Oh for those that are interested, it did finally allow me to change the country setting AFTER three reboots...don't ask me why but 3 seems to be the lucky number to get that issue resolved.

My real question is why don't they scan your reggistry for what country setting your computer is setup for by default, then allow you to simply alter it if you feel or find the need.

Any ways it just comes down to bad programing for bad hardware. I'll be happy when MSI is brought up in a civil suit over this. Hehe I'll show up at court with bells on my feet. :)

From where I stand MSI current drivers and software are worse than what shipped with the card, and the beta drivers are so far, ones best bet.