TV-In drivers don\'t work (GF4400)



My Problem is that if i install the latest 1.08 WDM capture Drivers from Nvidia, no TV-In Device is found by my Windows (Win98SE) (Neiter 'New Hardware found', nor does it appear in the Device Manager), so i cannot use the tv-in. I also tried other drivers from the cd, but they didn't work either.
TV-Out works and everything else (xcept tv-in) too.
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PS: I have a PIV 2,4 533FSB + Gigabyte GA-8IEXP + MSI GF4TI4400 VTD
Capture driver

Try this capture driver. Was recommended to me by crAzy_caMel. Worked for me and for Caligula also.
Conect your TV or VCR to PC. Use a video capture program (Vegas Video 3, VirtualDub, Ulead 6, iuVCR etc) and from video source select Video composite in (in case you use RCA and not SVideo). For audio you can select the line in. Try a 384x288 or 352x288 resolution and 25 or 30 fps. In the preview window you should see the image you're about to capture. Now hit any button for capturing (or select video from the menu - or something like that).

I agree to crAzy_caMel: try VirtualDub, it's reliable and simple to use.

Hope it works