TV@nywhere in the UK, not find channels




Last week I bought one of the TV@nywhere cards everything works fine if I take video in using the composite or s-video. But when I pul my arial cable in (after using an coax to F connector adapter) the tuner will not tune into any channels.

I have set the relevant jummper for PAL_I and set the relevant software settings to PAL_I and antenna but it still will not work. I also tried all the other jumper combinations stated but that did not make any diference.

I also tried plugging my Telewest cable connection into it but that did not show anything (though im not surprised about that as they propably scramble it if you don't use your smart card)

I was wondering if anyone in the has got theres working, any info will be much appreciate otherwise im going to have to send it back.

Also if you looking for some better software try

Windows 2000 lastest service pack
TV@nywhere MS-8876 - latest drivers and software
Creative TNT2 Ultra