TV @nywhere - no sound from audio in?



I just got the card last friday and I'm quite pleased with the image quality (like SAA7134HL but at the price of BT8x8) However there is some problem...

TV cable input has audio and video. When the input is SVHS/component, video is fine but there is no audio.
I've connected the card like what I did with the old bt8x8.
DC video out -> @nywhere SVHS/component (tried both)
DC audio out -> @nywhere audio in
@nywhere audio out -> soundcard line-in
I think maybe the card does not turn on the audio in when the video input is SVHS/component, so the audio didn't relay to the soundcard's line-in (when DC audio out is plugged to soundcard line-in, there is sound)

Does the same happen to anyone?
(OS: WinXP
MSIPVS, Virtual dub both have the same problem)

Secondly, although I've solved this problem (kinda), but it still makes me wonder about the quality of MSI's programs.

It's known that the remote control may not work in some cases. But in my case, even I don't plug in the remote receptor, nor I have any IR/RF remote control operational in my apt, the remote control is *working*.
When I runs the MSIPVS, there is always a ghost trying to turn to channel '0'. It is pressing it continously so the OSD keep showing '000' and the program keep filickering since it's trying to change channel. If I enter '3' in the keypad, the OSD will go: '003' '030' '300'

The ghost is gone when I install a copy of WinDVR from Intervideo's website over MSIPVS