tv@nywhere plus not working on windows 7


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Dec 21, 2010
I installed tv@nywhere plus from the bundle  on a new computer running Windows 7 Pro 64 bits. When newly installed, it worked. But no longer. Installation seems to be good. When starting VivaTV, I get the message " Init Fail".  With PRVPlus, the message is : "Cannot connect to Smart Tee input pin", and after clicking OK, "Cannot render audio renderer (5001)" and "Cannot init Direct Show interface (1001)". I have been told there maybe a codec conflict or a problem with the PCI driver.... I had installed formerly sound format converter and video format converter. I uninstalled them, and cleaned Registry manually (after a registry backup). Always the same result. The card runs on another machine.

Can somebody give me some hints to solve the problem ?

The motherboard is Asus P7H55-M Pro and graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
If the card works fine in another computer, then the problem is not with the card but with some kind of software mess.

Uninstall ALL the TV softwares you are using, as well as any additional capture software and/or codecs you may have installed. Reboot your PC, then uninstall the TV@nywhere Plus drivers. Reboot your PC again, then install the latest drivers from Then install the TV software that came with the card.

Or failing that, do a new install of Windows. ;)