TV@nywhere Problems



A friend bought a MS-8876 and is having problems getting it to work on NTSC-m, he is in the USA.

I found a Power Point presentation in another post showing the jumper settings for NTSC-m (which the card came config'ed as) but he is still having problems gettings the card to work with his Win2K machine. There are no IRQ conflicts with the card and the software installed easily.

The software scans the available CATV band (Cable installed to F-connector on rear of card), but only a couple of channels show up , and the one's that do , are fuzzy. I personally have used a couple of various brands of VidCap cards and havn't run into any problems with them, but this one is a new card for me too. There is a mention of the SAW filter jumper ? settings, but it beats me where you set those on the card....

If anyone has some suggestions on getting this puppy running right, I would be eternally grateful.



I didn't have any problem with getting the tv channels to work(on Win XP). I didn't change any jumper setting at all.
I live in canada, so it should be similar to the USA.