TV@nywhere Remote Cable and Audio?



I Just bought my TV@nywhere last week and installed it this weekend (Downloaded latest drivers and winDVR, I Have XP SP1) but are having some problems:

1) Remote is not working at all.
The remote cable has a hole at the end where some aluminium piece can be seen.
Is this normal or do I have a bad cable or missing something? I was expecting a red plastic cover or something like that on one end.

2) My system chrashes if I try to change some settings on the Options window (Like Recording Volume)

3) I have an integrated C-MEdia CMI8734 chip I'm ussing as line-in but my audio out is through M-Audio Sonica (USB audio device), well I Can't listen to LIve TV (AUdio for Time Shifting or Capture works ok)
Anyway I can make the Audio-In send to Audio Out? this apparently does not happen on the C-Media chip


Can anyone please tell me how the Remote Cable loos like?

I thin my cable my be defective but I'm not sure (and Remote is not wrking at all)



Thats what it should look like, exposed metal. Make sure you plugged it on all the way, it might just be that its not totally in. Also make sure Intervideo WinCinema Manager starts up (little blue icon with a white arrow thing).


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Sep 4, 2002
ltech is correct, the metal is supposed to be exsposed. i had the same problem as you and i had sent my original card back to pc club because i couldn't get the remopte to work and the receiver looked broke. i got the second one to work using some beta drivers from someone on here. i don't know how good these new drivers are because my second card was defective but if you still can't get the remote to work using ltechs advice try using these by installing them over the currently installed ones and see if they work. as ltech stated, make sure wincinema manager is running.