tv @nywhere stereo sound problems



surprisingly i had very little problems installing the hardware and getting the program to work, but there is one issue.

Whenever i try to use stereo sound it becomes distorted. The mono sound is fine, but it seems like the tuner is having problems decoding the stereo. I really hope this is a software issue and not a problem with the tuner itself.

I have a SB Live Gamer and I am thinking it might be the problem. I updated the drivers from Creative and I also installed the beta drivers that are posted in the other threads.

Can anyone think of what the problem could be?


by more specific about your computer...

what mainboard and cpu do you have???
what graphic card???
system instaled??

what drivers are you using (sound, video, chipset)???

i't hard to write something without knowing what you are using....


here is my info, if it helps

Celeron 733
I forget which motherboard it is (its and old pc)
VIA Apollo Pro133A chipset
SB Live! Gamer
Geforce2 GTS 32MB

I am using windows xp with the newest drivers i could find on creative's and nvidia's sites (40 beta detonators)


Im also having problems with stereo sound, simply there is none. If i manually choose, it will say stereo or sap but its just plain mono. Also Controller does not work, replaced IR Reciever to see if that was it, no result. Im using the latest Audigy drivers and the drivers off my cd for the tuner. I also cannot select Line out in audio options, it simply gives me mic, aux2, lineout2. Im thinking that may be the problem but even if I connect to those sources its mono ?( ?

Here are system specs:
Asus A7M266
AMD Athlon Tbird 1.33ghz
Coolermaster Heatpipe HHC-001 w/YS-Tech 4200rpm 26cfm fan & AS3
512 MB Crucial PC2100 (2x256)
Visiontek GeForce 3 @ ti500 clocks w/blueorb & AS3
MSI TV@nywhere TV Tuner
3com 3C905C-TX-M 10/100 ethernet
Creative Audigy Platinum
Monsoon MH505 Speakers
Toshiba SD-M1502 16x DVD
Liteon 32x12x40 cdrw (32123s)
Toshiba DP782M 17" Monitor
SMC Barricade 7004ABR Router
Windows XP Professional