TV@nywhere Video Quality


Tim T.

I bought this card so I could watch TV on my Monitor and so I could hook my XBOX game comsole to it and also play it on my monitor.

But I think the Video Quality is horrible! MSI says they use some new technology to make the picture crystal clear.

And thats why I think I'm doing something wrong here.
I see alot of pixels, and the the picture is a bit fuzzy and lacking in color, especially in full screen. The best picture quality I can get is at 240x180, and thats a really tiny windows! But the larger it is the more uglier the picture looks. And I want Full screen!
Am I doing something wrong? All the drivers installed correctly.
I've read from someone here that it may be a limitation of the bundled software WinDVR, and they are using PowerVCR using a special driver, but I haven't been able to find it. I sure hope this is just a limitatioin of WinDVR, and not the Card Itself.

Anyway if this normal let me know, or if its not let me know.

Oh and another thing!
Is it me or is the sound in MONO???


yours is different from mine

I connect its S-video in with my PS2 use the official drive & PVS
first it worked fine under 640*480/full screen
but now the picture became lots of scanline twist and I could not find out what's wrong......
maybe it's hot here but my Ati Tv wonder works fine

ps. the sound also in mono for me

Tim T.

Yeah I've been wanting to try it out at 640x480, but my video card only goes as low as 800x600.
The WinDVR (MSI PVS) goes as high as 640x480 but in the widow. When I make it full screen iyou see alot of the pixels and a little fuzziness and when I play my XBOX there is a lack of color and its blurred slightly. No where near DVD quality like they say.

I'm wondering if this is just the limitations of the Software. Because I hope this is not the extent of the card!


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Sep 4, 2002
i think it's the software, if you take a look at phoenix's thread you'll see someone obtained excellent results with their card as far as captures go. i don't see why that wouldn't the case with everything else.