Unboxing AMD Radeon MSI R9 390


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Oct 13, 2015
Never try MSI, but now i try MSI brand and is awsome, great desingn, quality and cooling, and the gpu R9 390 it's great i recomend.

Now the pictures:

[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif]Overclocking on AMD used to be fairly straight forward but with the new powertune features it can throttle you pretty quick if temps get out of line and that?s what many users were upset about with the original reference 290X and this is what I feel MSI is here to fix is by providing a cooler that can keep the chip cool will offer better clock capabilities and reduced throttling.[/font]
[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif] [/font]
[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif]The MSI Radeon R9-390 Gaming 8G starts life with a 1040MHz core clock and 1500 Memory which is 6000MHz effective memory clock.[/font]
[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif]As you can see the GPU moved up to 1165MHz and unfortunately voltage or any amount of tweaking could not get it farther without losing stability even just entering a benchmark, but being that I had issues with this BETA driver initially I could write that off as being an early driver and future could show much better results.[/font]
[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif]Memory could not push too far moving from 1500 (6000) to 1650 (6600) MHz which is nothing to scoff at but once again this could be the BETA drivers or even more so this could be the high memory density combines with the mem controller simply hitting its limit.[/font]

[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif]AMD re-released the high end flagship 200 series GPU now as 300 series with FURY coming soon, and to say that this is a bad thing I think would be a mistake. Yes I do agree that seeing a completely fresh lineup would have been awesome simply for the sake of competition but if FURY stands up to the hype then these 300 series cards may simply be the price drop and increased performance needed to push adoption of the gamers to AMD based systems as right now this 390 card runs AAA titles at excellent performance and while staying quiet and relatively cool.[/font]

[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif]MSI did a great job of turning virtual lemons into lemonade as the forums have been erupting with upset power users about the fact that the 300 series is just re-badged 200 series, but if you get awesome performance at an extremely competitive price point I really don?t see how that?s a bad thing for gamers.[/font]

[font='Droid Sans' Arial Verdana sans-serif]The MSI R9-390 Really does deserve the gold and it?s not just about the value but also the performance you get for that value. MSI went the extra mile to make sure it gave a card that not only performed very well, it had the cooling and even the quiet to match![/font]
[list type=none]
[*]Strong Performance
[*]Twin Frozr Cooler Design
[*]Strong Military Class VRM Design
[*]Plenty of display connectivity
[*]Quiet operation even when overclocked
[*]Cool running even under overclock loading
[*]UEFI and Standard BIOS
[*]8GB Framebuffer
[list type=none]
[*]Not what everyone wanted (Whole new lineup)
[*]Overclock is limited (Possibly by BETA Driver)
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