Unboxing and review of msi ge75 raider rtx 2080 version


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Jul 23, 2019
I've been gaming so long that my first multiplayer games were direct dial to the other player over 2400 baud modem on a IBM 286. I've owned other gaming laptops but this is the first time my laptop has ever been able to out benchmark my desktop. My desktop is a 4th Gen I7 4790k overclocked to 4.8ghz with 32Gig DDR3 2400mhz, with a GTX 1070. This laptop scores about 300 points higher than the desktop in Passmark. The only category the desktop wins in is 2D Graphics (laugh).

Here's What I like about the laptop:
Full RTX 2080 (not max-q):
From everything I've read the 2080 max Q doesn't perform much better than the 2060. This thing beats my desktop 1070 easily.

Small Footprint for a 17.3" screen:
This is about as small of a footprint as you're going to ever get on a 17" laptop. Yeah you could save some room off the bottom bezel I guess but there's not much meat left on the the sides or top. I travel all the time and this thing fits in a 15.6" case. It also weighs less than 6 lbs. My last laptop was an Alienware 15 and that thing was a brick. Its extra weight is used up in cooling systems, which is where it should be.

Nice size touch pad with "real" buttons and no extra function keys:
I looked at the GS75 and HATED the massive touch pad with the built in left/right click. This one is a good size, well placed with good buttons. Most of the time I use a mouse but its nice to have a decent touch pad when I'm not. Also there are no random function buttons. I always hated going for the top left corner on the Alienware and hitting some random function key. The keyboard layout I don't like since I use the windows key all the time but you can easily remap the keys in the software to your liking.

Heat Dissipation:
I ran into no real throttling issues after hours of gaming with this thing on a cooling pad. It only throttled a little when sitting flat on the desk. I didn't feed any real heat coming though the keyboard.

Ease of Maintenance:
Bottom is easily removable and all major components can be easily reached. Ram and Drive can be easily replaced.

Its a beautiful FHD screen.... but its a FHD screen. More on that in the Cons Section.

Bang for the buck:
Full 2080 with 32GB ram, TB worth of NVME, and 2GB HDD for Mid 2000s... I haven't seen anything else close.

What I don't like (Very short List):
No option for 4k:
Many people argue about the need for 4k in a laptop. Simple fact is this also travels with me for work and I do design work of 1080p screens.... which I can't see fully in a window on a 1080p screen. Its annoying. Not annoying enough to make me not buy the laptop but I would have liked (and have been glad to pay for) the option.

Battery Life:
Is TERRIBLE. Now this is a very small thing since if you're buying a non max-q 2080 laptop... You shouldn't often be running it on battery but this thing lasts less than 2 hours in basic web browsing. They really didn't even try. Again I knew about i going in and was not surprised by it.