unboxing GE 6QC Apache


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May 9, 2016
hey guys,i am using msi ge 72 6QC Apache ,i will briefly talk about my laptop. this laptop have graphic card of GTX960M ,2 cooling fan,you can switched on and off, silence fan ,i7 with latest 6th gen 6820HK/6799HQ ,and using the latest window which is window 10, Are you gamer? if you are gamer,you should consider this laptop,because it has 17..3 inch .very very big ,very good view. Next, this laptop using steelseries keyboard with white backsit light,

so before i choose this laptop, i compare this laptop with Asus ROG laptop, in terms of design,i guess asus win this round, in terms of price and spex, msi win this round, plus this keybaord is better than asus keyboard,i already make the comparison last year,you can trust me. Besides that, this sound system for msi is better than asus,because the sound come out from msi is surrounding ,while asus rog only come out from 2 hole. Msi Screen can rotate to 180 degree which is totally insane. msi is a very rare brand while asus is a well-known brand. so when you go out with people,you are the only one that use msi which makes you proud too.

i played dota 2 , payday 2,final fantasy type 0 hd using this laptop, i set all performance to the best performance, and the cooling fan you dont have to often,because this laptop not easily heat, but there is a disadvantages, the battery consumption burn very fast, so you need cable with you every [***CENSORED***] day. Next, the scroll is quite rough, but for me is ok

this laptop have 3 usb 3.0 port,hdmi, eternet, sd card port, android port too,it also have msi gaming centre which you can set stuff like the laptop performace to eaither ultimate,comfort or green( slowest). you can also set your game. For  example.if you want to play dota,all you have to do is just press F1, they will directly open dota 2 for you without pressing so many button ,this save your time too

Last but not least, this laptop is highly recommended by me. Why you buy a branded laptop like alienware, razer with ridiculous price instead of reasonable price with same spec laptop