Unboxing GP62 6QF


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Mar 16, 2016
MSI Gaming Notebook GP62 6QF
Tight Budget Equals to Low Gaming Experience?
MSI Gaming Notebook GP62 Breaks Your Stereotype, Enables Entry-Level Gamers an Extraordinary Gaming Experience.
I am a girl who was looking for a great gaming performance notebook with affordable price. If you are a budget-oriented gamer, you will not regret if you learn more about MSI GP62 6QF.
Why? Let?s take a look at GP62 6QF and we will see.

The Dragoon Logo shows strongly the sprite of gaming notebook- top player, top choice.
In addition, many gaming features are shown on the color box which is very clear and attractive.

Opening it up, we find the 15.6? screen which is framed by thick matte black bezels, and the Gaming Sprit logo is shown on the surface. 
In terms of weight, it only weights 2.3 kg which is lighter than most gaming notebooks.

The bottom of the MSI GP62 is plain with a lot of vents to help with cooling and some very grippy rubber feet 
that will help prevent the GP62 from sliding around the table even when during the heat of combat.

User Experience

This is the sticker of its features. Let?s go through more details together.


NVIDIA GPU 960 M is installed in GP62 6QF which performance is great enough for entry-level games.
USB 3.0 Type-C 

(1xType-C USB3.0/2xType-A USB3.0/1xType-A USB2.0/1xRJ45/1x SD (XC/HC) Card Reade/1x (v1.4)HDMI/1x (v1.2)Mini-DisplayPort)
Type-Cnew port is only one-third size of current USB port which is reversible. There?s no way you could possibly get it wrong.
You even are able to charge phone, tablet and any other mobile devices whenever you want.
The gold flash audio jack provides stable sound transmission with low noise and low distortion. 
It helps greatly enhance headphone performance.
Killer Shield+Killer Ethernet E2400

In the gaming battlefield, speed defines the winner.
In terms of speed, I believe gamers realized if the machines do not have enough capability to provide a stable gaming experience, 
it would be definitely an awful and disappointing gaming experience.
Fortunately, Killer Shield and Killer Ethernet E2400 intelligently prioritize 6 levels of popular web browser traffic and applications to get smooth gaming experience with easy-to-use Killer Networking Manager.
For example, when gamers play League of Legend with skype for a better communication with team members but downloading files at the same time, Killer helps a lot for a higher speed and lower latency networking traffic.
Nahimic Audio Enhancer

As a gamer, I do pay attention on sound performance. Nahimic specializes in 3D sound, it helps gamers to take action wisely, allowing them to sense every footstep,hear every bullet whizzing past, and feel every explosion. 
It also enables gamer clearer voice recordings, allows gamer to fully enjoy the best sound experience!
SHIFT is one of the amazing features I like. By controlling dragon gaming center, you are able to swift different modes base on different demands.

The Green mode provides the lowest power consumption of both CPU & GPU while maintaining constant coolest temperature.

The Comfort mode gives enough power consumption of GPU while maintaining comfortable temperature of GPU. It has lower noise and lower heat output.

The Sport mode provides the maximum power consumption of CPU & GPU for extreme performance and demanding task.  By using Sport mode, I am able to enjoy the best gaming experience!
SHIFT enables you playing games in a lowest power usage but also a great performance.


Gamers might be very familiar with steelseries keyboards. The left Control key and Shift key are enlarged while the Windows key is moved over to the right side, which optimizes the layout for gaming. You do not want to accidentally jump out to your desktop in the middle of an intense firefight, do you? Moreover, the white backlight increases intuition of playing games. Gamers do not need to worry about playing games in a lightless environment.
Cooler Boost
The No.1 gaming notebook company has considered seriously that an effective cooling system enables gamers an extraordinary gaming experience.
There are four heatpipes to help a better cooling function. Two heatpipes dedicated to CPU, two to GPU. It helps to prevent the high temperature while playing high loading games.
I have never had the experience of overheat situation, so overall, I think MSI did a good job on this.
Matrix Display
GP62 is able to connect triple displays directly through one HDMI and one MINI DisplayPort, enables users enjoying simultaneously. In addition, it offers users a 170-degree view on screen, brings a bright & excellent color from any Angle.
3D Mark11

GP62 6QF got 5619 scores in 3D mark which is nearly 1000 scores higher than normal gaming laptops on average.  

I tested on two games I usually play, and the FPS details as below:


Playing LOL with maximum animation utility is very smooth.

This is another game that isn?t really graphically intensive, but is still an extremely fun first person shooter. Even with maximum graphics the GP62 pushes out an average of 145 fps.

To sum up, GP62 6QF surprised me a lot. It definitely is a great choice for entry-level gamers.  From the hardware to software, MSI considers different aspects of gamers? demand. 
If I have the second chance, I absolutely will choose GP62 6QF as my first gaming notebook.


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Apr 6, 2016
hi do you know can i use this ssd? 

SSD SAMSUNG 850 EVO MZ-N5E250BW 250??, M.2 2280, SATA III

you can check this. 



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Nov 28, 2015
Damn i like this laptop,
And the keyboard is sooooo nice in the dark! Damn!

Nice laptop, Star0928_!
And of course nice job, MSI!


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Mar 16, 2016
jentebecaus date=1470466683 said:
Damn i like this laptop,
And the keyboard is sooooo nice in the dark! Damn!

Nice laptop, Star0928_!
And of course nice job, MSI!
no doubt MSI does really nice job  :) !!!