Unboxing GP63 8 Re


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Jul 7, 2018
So Here is my experience on Unboxing and using my gp 63 8re

i bought my laptop 1 month ago and unboxing was very standard it came with a good quality gaming bag which i use daily. in second box there was laptop and charger with some guides etc
setup was very normal just add your info and windows will load everything from your old pc automatically i had to reduce dpi to 100% to get the full HD experience im able to get 120fps on games like CS:GO and sweet 60 on games like NFS PAYBACK on ultra Games Like ac Origins run on high instead of ultra Ive Just purchased Witcher 3 and waiting for it to download while i write this post and update about it later 

keyboard is something that requires getting used to since del key is placed far away and spacebar is 1 button on left 

trackpad is normal but seperate keys make it slightly easier to game on (nothing compared to an external mouse) but definitely better than macbook style trackpad 

display being 120 Hz gives you an edge on games like cs go in a lan competition where we have to bring our own laptop 

battery life is good when we see it as a gaming laptop i get 3-5 hrs of usage per charge with keyboard on wave rgb and med brightness 

there are 3 rgb zones in the keyboard with no dim spots since the display is wideview display the light from display fall on the keyboard eliminating the need of backlit keyboard   so its just for aesthetics for me and i enjoy it

for me i went with the 120hz display and 256gb ssd and games on ssd definitely load faster when compared to hdd 

my main purpose is content creation and not gaming so lower clock speed don't cut for me i use turbo mode witch clocks around 4.3 ghz peak which is good enough for rendering without any thermal throttling

one thing i didnt like about this laptop is the speaker quality  since they are downward facing the audio quality take a massive hit so i prefer using headphones while using this laptop