Unboxing/Mini Review : MSI Radeon RX580 8g

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Nov 7, 2018
   I just got it 2 days ago so this will be a quick review that I will update after some time. After receiving the package I went over the box and can immediately tell this isn't a shotty card from a shotty company. There is a lot of work just put into the box of the graphics card. I went ahead and opened it and noticed right away that visually this is quite a step up from my Nvidia GTX 750 Ti Sc. The card is well manufactured, it seems that just holding the card I can tell that it is very well put together. I installed it in under 5 minutes, just as easy as any other video card to install, just twice as big as my previous.

   So at this point I have now had the card installed almost 2 days and so far it is light years ahead of my GTX 750 Ti Sc, which was to be expected. I have watched some video and played the several games and so far it will not be slowed down or miss a beat. I will continue to push it and install some of the companion apps and see what all features I can push to the limits. I will state that I have been an Nvidia user for many years. I haven't actually owned an Radeon card since about 2005. I never disliked them I just always stuck with what I liked but this time I felt that my better bang for my buck came from AMD. So far I am not disappointed. I will try an update this in a few months then in a year.

  All in all as of right now I have nothing bad to say about this card. It isn't any louder than my old card, it may actually be quieter! It performs without missing a beat so far for video and gaming. The card itself is a beautiful as well as the packaging. It comes with many programs to try and get the most out of it. As I learn more over the coming year I will update this.


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