Unboxing MSI GL62M 7REX 16 GB RAM + SSD Version


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Jan 26, 2018

- intel i7-7700HQ
- Nvidia 1050Ti 4 Gb
- 16 GB RAM DDR4 (the basic version of this notebook has 8 GB) 
- HDD 1 Tb
- SSD 256 Gb 

I bought this notebook from GearBest. It arrived 2 weeks later in the box that you see in the photo. It comes with windows in chinese but i reinstalled it to change the language.
This notebook is very good for gaming and it is cheap, it's hard to find a notebook with these specification at the same price!
This version with 16 Gb and the SSD is better from the other with 8 Gb and without the SSD (I have both the versions) and you can see a lot of difference in games like PUBG.

The negative things are that the notebook came with the spacebar broken (it did not work in the right side) and i send it in assitance but when it came back it had another problem:  if I would press the button R, the notebook turend off. So I send again the notebook for another repair but it came back with the led of the CAPSLOCK broken.
I had to send 3 time the notebook to fix all the problems.


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May 9, 2018
I just bought this laptop but it has hdd 5400 RPM I don't know why pls help