unboxing msi gl63 8rc


New member
Jun 6, 2018
got it in a well packed box of courier service. opening it was a really exiting moment. opened the box and inside was an another black box with msi and its logo on it of right face was the serial no and etc. box was built in was so that it look like a case or briefcase with handle on top and solid color. opened the box and on the top was laptop wrapped up in cover and in different section was adapter and in another section was the manuals and other things. On the first boot windows setup is required obviously it will consume some  time but once completed it worth the money. while gaming if it gets heated up 7 heat pipes begin to work dropping the temp by 10 C in few seconds. Been using it for 4 months and it never created a problem except battery power obviously its a gaming laptop so you don't get a huge battery backup but overall its the best laptop in its range