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Dec 17, 2016
Never have I been so excited about a new tech purchase as I have been with the new MSI GTX 1060. Purchased from Newegg.ca and standard shipping, the one week built up so much anticipation for the arrival that I was tracking the shipping by the hour.. all week!
. Finding a laptop with the GTX 970 video card under $2000 was no small feat. 
Throughout the week I was reading and watching videos about the features such as the Dynaudio speakers, Nahimic, Hi-Res Audio, Killer Sheild, Thunderbolt 3, XSplit Gamecaster, etc.. To begin with I didn't know what half of these things were or meant. 
A week later it arrived and I was able to open up the laptop and it was like Christmas early. First I took the box outside of the shipping box, then the carrying case out of the box, and then finally opening up the case. As soon as I got to the glossy black dominator case, everything felt like quality.
I could hardly wait to fire up the laptop and test out all the features I was learning about. Seeing the keyboard light up for the first time was incredible. I've never owned an RGB keyboard before. Loaded my premium Spotify account and turned on the music while I explored was my first priority. As soon as I heard the sound I almost lost my 
  with how good sound is. After listening to the sound I realized that the description, videos, reviews, did not even come close to doing it justice. I honestly have never heard such clear sound even when I hit the volume to 100. Almost blew my ears when I plugged headphones in! 
I still haven't played a game on it yet but I'm excited to get them going with the Shift technology built in. Will be hitting sport mode and the fan boost to get some serious game time in. 
It has a PCI-E SSD sticker on it so I can't say how long I'll be able to keep myself from voiding the warranty and opening up the back.  
At the end of the day I would have to say that MSI surpassing my expectations is an understatement. Everything about it leaves me believing that I would never buy another brands laptop.
If you're reading this and you're on the fence about which laptop to buy then I would strongly recommend an MSI.
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