[Unboxing] MSI WT60-2OJ, Mobile Workstation of an Interior Designer


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Sep 8, 2015
<MSI Workstation: WT60-2OJ>​

My bf is an interior designer and he had been looking for a workstation for months.​
It took us quite a lot of time finding the machine which suits us the most because we don't have any background of the computer thing and there are only a few unboxing articles relating to workstation. :-(​

Maybe ppl in this field are not that willing to share publicly or they're just too busy to write an unboxing. (My bf is just too lazy to do it and that's why it's me who's writing the unboxing...)​
Hence, I'm going to be the pioneer and encourage more ppl to share in the future. Hope my article is helpful for designers/engineers in some ways.​

Not just because we're Taiwanese so we advocate Taiwan brand blindly; our main/general reasons choosing MSI are:​

[list type=decimal]
[*]Delivery & Completeness on Product Line: They have a full range of  workstation highlighting different features and specs. for choice
[*]Using Nice Materials: They really use nice materials on the product itself instead of cutting down the cost and come out w/ sth sucks...
[*]Reliability: We want Quadro GPUs because it's designed by NVIDIA to accelerate CAD and DCC, software that my bf uses everyday (MSI is listed on NVIDIA's official website of where to buy page, which assures me of the reliability of MSI workstation)
[*]Purchase Channel & Payment Way: It's easy to find MSI in Taiwan's retail and online channel. I can choose the channel & payment way I prefer and I'm used to. (Dell & hp have fewer channels both online & offline and their models are always not completed here)

Ok, enough for the preface, let's check the details of today's protagonist!


First of all, the spec. list fyi.​
* Note: The price is in NTD (abt. US$1178; rate: 32)​
The price may be different from country to country and we got at a relatively low price because it's going to be replaced by i7 machine. It's a good timing to get more discount during the transition.​

?FREE Accessories?
< An ordinary mouse>
I'd like to suggest MSI to offer a better mouse w/ WT series. Of course I can buy a better one by myself but I want to use a whole set of MSI products w/ the identical design.

< A nice backpack w/ stress-relieving shoulder straps>
The quality of the backpack is extremely good.

?Outward Appearance?

WT60 is a 15.6" NB. "60" means the size of the panel. If you want  a bigger one at 17", you may check WT70.

<Your vision as the user>
15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080), LED 95% NTSC
sRGB compatible to ensure color accuracy and consistency

<The right side of WT60>
It's thick because it comes w/ CD-ROM drive (DVD Super Multi)
USB2.0*1; Line-out/ Line-in/ Mic-in/ headphone-out jack

Take a closer look and you'll find the jacks are gold-plated!
The gold flash audio jack help reduce obstruction and provide stable sound transmission.
Furthermore, it works in conjunction w/ the amplifier design which can enhance headphone performance and reproduce every acoustic detail faithfully.

< The left side of WT60>
USB3.0*3; Card Reader SD(XC/HC)
Ventilator here

< The front side of WT60>
HDMI (V1.4); VGA out (D-Sub)*1; Mini Display Port*1
Ventilator here also

<steelseries keyboard & sexy hair-line surface treatment>
The hair-line surface treatment of the machine shows its high quality and make it looks more valued.
I LOVE the feeling of steelseries keyboard and its lifespan is longer than other ordinary keyboard on NB. ( You MUST go find a physical store; touch it, feel it!)

< The backside of WT60>


? Battery
The battery is 7800mAh; it's much more bigger & heavier than ordinary ones because the power consumption is a lot higher while working and operating the software.

< The whole picture inside>
It's not easy to separate the back cover from the main body as they fit to each other perfectly.
My tool is a wooden coffee stirring bar....

? Memory
<memory inside>
It comes w/ Kingston SODIMM DDR3L 8GB*1 pc only but there are total 4 slots for expansion and this machine can go up to 32GB. For me, I like its flexibility of upgrading in the future. Currently 8GB is enough for my bf's usage and as I know, the price of memory module keep dropping and it's really not necessary for us to pay more in adv. for what we don't need.

? Storage
This WT6o-2OJ only has 1TB HDD for storage part but MSI is so considerate that they reserve 3 mSATA slots for upgrade. Like memory's case, the price of Flash is decreasing as well and I prefer to upgrade it later when I really need it. ( If you have budget, you can just add SSD and enjoy the speed of Super RAID 2).

<4 fine copper pipes>
1 fan and 4 fine copper pipes inside. MSI's heat-sink design outshines competitors not only because the layout but also the material they use.
So far we're all satisfied w/ WT60's heat-sink ability; this machine is always at a stably normal temperature even when my bf has been working on s long w/o a rest.

?More Functions?

On the top of the keyboard are 6 hotkeys.
From the left side to the right side are:
Media Player?Cooler Boost?Keyboard LED Backlight Switch?Airplane Mode?Display Off?G-Panel
< Quick Launch Sensors>

For example, if yo u feel the temperature of the machine is too high, simply touch the Cooler Boost icon and the fan will start working.
Touch the "G" icon and it'll bring up the menu of System Control Manager.

<LED backlight keyboard>
Touch the 3rd icon to switch on or off the flash keyboard LEDs which are mounted beneath the keyboard. It's useful when you need to use your laptop while you're at a dark place.

Aside from functions mentioned above, I want to give MSI's audio equipment thousands of big thumbs. It's the BEST hearing experience from a laptop ever! I googled and found out DYNAUDIO is a Danish audio brand and they're famous for the AUTHENTIC hearing experience.  I'm sooooooo touched by every song plays from this audio. It's like the singer is singing around you.

?Simple Testing?

As an interior designer, AutoCAD and InteriCAD are 2 software my bf uses most. Our testing is very simple, just open his exquisite and detailed works and see whether it runs smoothly or not. 
If VGA and the hardware is not good enough, it will lag while you're checking an exquisite picture. My bf is quite satisfied w/ WT60's performance. There's NO LAG at all!!!

Another testing is to render his work. Usually he selects small size and low dpi using ray tracing because it's quite time-costing rendering picture. He needs to render picture 1 night before he hand in the works.
We tried photon mapping and selected A4 size and the highest dpi. It still took us some time to get the pic but the speed is acceptable. If he needs pics in a rush or he doesn't render pictures one night before, he will be grateful we chose this machine. 


I list the pros and cons here: 
  • High flexibility of upgrade
  • Excellent heat-sink design
  • AWESOME audio
  • Nice steelseries keyboard w/ a longer lifespan
  • Considerate hotkeys
  • Stylish design (I personally like the shield logo)

  • This model is heavy at 3.5 kg including battery. ( If you have this concern, pls go check WS series) 
  • The mouse inside looks cheap

Overall speaking, we highly recommend MSI workstation which offers outstanding user experience. You may check more models and details from their official website. I bet you'll find the one suitable for your requirements. :-D
If you like my sharing, you may visit my blog and check the full article here? Tanya's Blog



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Sep 16, 2015
It's very useful for my friend who also are searching for Workstations.
Pros and cons are very clear, I think I'll ask my friend to read it. Tks for sharing!!!


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Sep 11, 2015
I have a hard time to choose WT series or WS series but anyway, thank you for the detailed sharing, it's very useful.


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Aug 19, 2015
Your unboxing looks great and the WT60 looks amazing~
I will recommend my friends who are also interior designers : )


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Sep 8, 2015
:kiss: I'm so glad that you guys like my sharing! :kiss:
I will post an unboxing again if I buy a new NB for myself ( it definitely will be MSI). :) 


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Oct 17, 2015
thanks for this review, very clear, high quality images and the good and bad things about this laptop