Unboxing My first gaming laptop, MSI GE62VR 6RF


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Jun 30, 2017
[left][SIZE=2][font="Amazon Ember"  Arial  sans-serif]I really did a tons of research before i get to know this laptop and brand. I made sure i got one with a nvidia 1060 in it and just looking at the performances in games, it's truly amazing.[/font][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][font="Amazon Ember"  Arial  sans-serif]Now as i already purchased this laptop and been using it for a week, i can honestly tell you to suggest to remove norton because some of the other bloatware will affect game performance and it takes a lot of resources. However, the only things you should keep are essentially SCM and Dragon center. Even though I've found that CPU often hits 100% on programs when SCM and Dragon center running at start up. But those two things allows you hotkeys, few necessary features, and fan curves thing so just open them manually allow you better option.[/font][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][font="Amazon Ember"  Arial  sans-serif]Then test everything, usb ports, cooling fans, speakers (IMPORTANT. try reinstalling nahimic from MSI website would solve it.), anything that doesn't work, grab the driver for or update asap.[/font][/SIZE]
-Plays current games AAA at ~60fps no problem after optimization (see below)
-Lightweight, slim, and portable!
-Backlit keyboard is neato
-Display is clear and the colors are fantastic.
-Excellent value for what you get (As of 01/2017)

-OPTIMIZE THE PC WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT. This laptop is full of bloatware that literally kills the CPU. I found that out-of-the-box, the CPU seemed too be stuck at 100% while games were getting horrible frames. I removed everything 'extra' except Red Dragon, Steelseries 3 engine, and SCM (though I disabled it at start up). Please don't get rid of SCM completely. For some reason the laptop needs it to manage certain functions. I also ensured all the drivers were updated and got the latest windows 10 updates.
-Fan speed can be noisy, but not incredibly so. Wearing headphones is sufficient to drown it out. Red Dragon allows you to create custom fan speed profiles for the CPU and GPU fan speeds, adjusting the percentages when a certain temp reached.
-Sound is okay. I think it is kind of muted, unless you set the audio near maximum where it gets borderline too loud.

-Abysmal battery life. Doing normal tasks like browsing or word processing, I see 1hr-35 min battery life. Ugh.
-The case is a bit of a dirt magnet. Make sure you wipe down the chassis every now and then.
-Closing the lid doesn't seem to consistently put the laptop to sleep.

Despite its drawbacks, I'm still really happy with the purchase. For me, the portability is a huge plus. It is nice to be able to play today's AAA games on a laptop I can carry around at school, instead of a 10 lb behemoth.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][font="Amazon Ember"  Arial  sans-serif]Overall, i think this model is thin, light and runs cool and quite.[/font][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][font="Amazon Ember"  Arial  sans-serif]I'm very happy with so many good features like true color technology, steel engine3, and the fast SSD boots up windows 10 in seconds.[/font][/SIZE][/left]