Unboxing my MSI NightBlade 3 i7 7700 was a surprise!

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Jul 6, 2017
I ordered. Got excited and I waited 2 days for delivery I was expecting 5 days not 2! And finally DPD came. It was for the Keyboard. :

2nd DPD came an hour later... whoop. Then face dropped.... it was the Monitor! :Groans even more:
2 hours later finally the DPD came. The Night Blade!!!
It wasn't very heavy. But box was BIG!!!! I thought. Wow. A big tower! Being that I only seen it online and not in person.

Unboxing whilst carefully cutting the seals. Pulled the lid flap, and revealed 2 boxes inside... I was expecting the brown cardboard box size not smaller! lol
Took the tower box out, and looked at the 2nd box. A Gaming Headset. I am Deaf so this is useless to me as I use 2;1 speakers.
Unboxing the actual Night Blade 3 box was a nice experience. Smells lovely and new! Started setting up. Fired up perfect.
Just one negative bit is the back feet aren?t level to the front feet. So have a topple to it so I applied a bit of cardboard from my garage... fine now.
The surprise was it was a lot smaller than the actual transport box! lol

Upon inspection, the lights on the graphic card are lush, the front lighting setup is fantastic, it is RGB which match the Keyboard and mouse perfectly.
It is quiet, smooth loading and will complement any players.
The installed spec is i7 7700, not a K which was a shame. 16 GB 2400 MHz ram, GTX 1070 8GB GPU and M2 SSD as well as a SSD.
Just don?t save games or software on the M2 saving space on it for the windows boot to remain windows only. Unless you have an application which is highly dependence to the spec then save it on m2 SSD.

Other than that, I am looking into getting a 2nd monitor which will make the pc look even better and a better desk. As this desk don?t fit well with my new chair!

Thank you for reading this. (it is hard to get 350 words requirement but I think this bit covers it now! LOL)



Apr 6, 2016
Nice review ;) But, i can't agree with no install games on M2 SSD. This is the moste fastest SSD righ now so games surely takes advantage.
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