(Unboxing)New Toy - MSI Nightblade Z97 with GtX980Ti

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Sep 8, 2015
Oh,yeah! My MSI Nightblade just arrived yesterday. I too excited to sleep. I gonna share it to you guys how it looks like and how does it do well?

That?s right, I also bought the MSI DS501 Gaming headset, DS100 Gaming mouse, MSI Gaming mouse pad, and DS4100 Gaming Keyboard.

Yes, I brought all the MSI peripheral Gaming products home.

And later on, I?m going to use the whole set to play some games to show up the MSI Nightblade?s performance.
Before we go to that part, let?s go through the Nightblade first. The MSI Nightblade is a really small desktop PC but it has the open nature of the PC and has all the features of a high-end desktop counterpart.
As you can see the custom case is one of the Nightblade?s main features. Also, with the push of the OC button on the front panel, it can turn on the OC Engine which automatically clocks up the performance. 

But I don?t think I will need that soon, because I have already upgrade my Nightblade VGA card to the MSI GTX980Ti which is currently almost the highest performance VGA card, moreover the Night blade includes the other amazing products. Let?s take a look at the spec.
So, I?ve seen so many good stuffs MSI launched recently. Then they just put all that amazing stuffs together to build up this Nightblade Z97. You can have a small size PC which cooling with a dragon fan, and it also solid as a rock. Now I can simply plug and play, with it fits a full-size graphic card that means I still can upgrade it in the future.

I don?t want to talk that much, let?s play!

As tradition we have to run the 3DMark to take a look at the VGA card?s performance. Of course the GT980Ti won a terrific score.

Now, let?s see how it performs in Reckoning which I just download from EA origin yesterday,Reckoning.
Basically, GTX980Ti can turn on all the special effects while playing. You won?t feel any delay and it displays the games? video and special effects very well. However, Reckoning doesn?t need high-end graphic cards as its demand device. So, let?s take a look at a monster game, Battlefield 4.
Amazingly, when turned all video settings to ultra-mode. You can feel the BF4 plays as smooth as the Reckoning plays. I?ve never seen that a game can make it so delicate, beautiful screens, gorgeous videos and everything that shows up in this game really shocks me. Nightblade Z97 with the GTX980Ti, what a stunning mini PC. I can?t wait to play those iconic games in 2014 and 2015. I got go. See you guys.


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