Unboxing of my new toy, the GE62 2QE Apache


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Aug 8, 2015
Hello everyone, this is my unboxing and test of the 2QE Apache. I hope you like it. Sorry for not posting the pictures in the text. I really don?t know how to do it :p

So, I was around the 1000? budget, and I was searching for a notebook that could deliver me the best CPU, best GPU, good (and fast) storaging capacities, 15.6" 1080p and a good quality panel (not a huge fan of the 17.3" nor the 4k resolution) and a beautiful design among it?s rivals. There were many competitors, and most of them failed in at least one of the requisites. Then I came across the GE62 Apache. Packed with an i7 4720HQ, a nvidia GTX965m, a great IPS panel, 1TB 7200RPM HDD (unfortunately I couldn?t afford a SSD at the time, but I?m working on it) and a stuning design/build quality, I new it was the winner. So I decided to give it a try.

I was that much excited when that box was delivered :D

Picture 1

The notebook was very well packaged. With little movement freedom, it assured me that the notebook couldn?t bang around the box, assuring the safety of my equipment. Well done MSI :D

Picture 2

The notebook is beautifuly designed. With a mate black finish and muscle lines, it?s just gorgeous. The MSI logo lights up when the notebook is in use, making everything even more astonishing. On my first inspections, I searched for dents or scratches, but as expected, everything was in order. The I/Os that are present on the notebook are:
- Right side: 1xUSB 2.0, 1xSD reader and 1xDVD super multi.
- Left side: 3xUSB 3.0, 1xHDMI (with support for 4k output), 1xmic, 1xheadphone, 1xMini Display and 1xWired Connection
All of them are well displaced, in such a way that using multiple ports at a time isn?t a problem.

Picture 3

As expected, the panel really is superb. It has great colour range and great contrast. Using it outdoors isn?t a problem. What really caught my attention was the booting time. The notebook boots in 3 to 5 seconds, what made me double check if the HDD on the notebook wasn?t Hybrid. Apparently it isn?t, but booting time and program execution is very fast. Well played MSI :D

Picture 4

So, the time has come for the gaming test. The heaviest game I have right now is GTAV and I used it to benchmark my new toy. Unfortunately I couldn?t record the framerate

Picture 5

Gameplay is smooth. All the settings are maxed out, but still I see no problems. Even during explosions or fog, the notebook was able to keep the framerate high enough

Picture 6

Temperatures are under control also (These temperatures were recorded on a 31 degree Celsius day). For such a demanding game, It managed to keep the temps at acceptable levels. The notebook cover itself didn?t get too warm and it was very confortable to use.

Picture 7

Some details that caught my attention:

- On the botton side of the notebook, there is even a little subwoofer, that helps to boost your songs/games.
- The notebook is equipped with a Killer E2200 for internet connection. This means stable connection and smooth online gameplay for you. My notebook is mainly used on the second floor of my house, and my router is located on the first floor. Between us, there is probably 5 to 6 meters and 2 walls. Even so I can keep a stable 5 bar connection.
- The notebook is equipped with a dual fan system. In normal usage, just one fan is used, but there is a button, located near the power switch, that activates the second cooler and boost them up to 6000RPM. This assures great temperature control during heavy usage.
- The keyboard, provided by Steelseries has backlight, and you can customize the color pattern as you like. There is the possibility to save numerous patterns and switch between them by pressing a button, located near the power switch.

I couldn?t be happier with my choice. I have a beautiful, lightweight and powerful machine, that can max out all of my games and still keep itself cool. And all of that for a honest price of 1100?. As MSI itself says: The No.1 in Gaming!