Unboxing the GTX 970 Gaming


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Apr 18, 2016
The unboxing experience of my GTX 970 is much more better than the Z170A gaming pro motherboard, not sure is it due to price differences, that's why MSI put more effort on the GTX970.

First of all, I like the very moment to I unbox the package, whereby it written as "THE WEAPON TO OWN YOUR GAME", with the QR code that lead you to gaming.msi.com. An easy message to everyone that you are getting a piece of art to "own" your game the way you want. Such simple message still hanging in my mind until today, this is a very successful message that passed from MSI, well done.

For the box part I'm quite satisfied whereby simple message were delivered from the back of the box, unlike the Z170A gaming pro whereby messages are too scattered and too heavy for us to digest. (I'm not saying I do not understand, but just too much and nothing can be remember after reading it). For the front part, it is standard for all GPU MSI offered, standard package with different wording unless you are going for a gold edition.

The content, upon pulling the package, I can see a nicely box envelope to contain the CD and a simple instruction. However, the envelope box itself with the MSI gaming logo are too difficult to identify, glossy black wording against the matte black envelope box, I don't really see the absolute beauty of it, unless the logo are bigger than the initial or more glossy wording that I can imagine. Nonetheless, it is well packed and deserved a credit but preferably is slotted underneath of the GPU card instead on the top, my personal taste.

GPU card itself is nicely wrapped with a quality plastic and enveloped by a firm poly foam to ensure the GPU card itself will not be tempered, damaged, collided by all means. A good job to deserve another credit. The GPU itself I no longer need to elaborate it is clearly elaborate by all others.

CD contents - the most important software are just the gaming apps, Xplit gamecaster, MSI live update and OBS multi-platform which me myself think is slightly simple than I original thought, especially the gaming apps, oh ya, and also the dragon eye, which is particularly useful when you scratch your head in the mid of dungeon dunno where and what to do in a game. It is very unlike the Z170A motherboard, comes with all sorts of complicated software that I haven't yet to understand it all until today.    

In overall, I'm yet to explore the full functions of GTX 970 as I just only tested on some games which low on demand on graphic.