Unboxing The MSI Gaming G Series


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Oct 9, 2016
I was so excited to get this thing home from the store and meticulously comb the contents of this beautiful box. Now I am going to share that experience with you. 
First of all a thin layer of clear plastic wraps the black satin box, with the signature MSI logo that had been embossed into the top half of the two piece box. It is red with a hint of gloss to it. It pops nicely against the smooth satin finish of the box. Upon removing the plastic and sliding the top half of the box off, the first thing to notice are a couple pieces of card stock, the first one is a promo of the lap top it self, except this time the product it is promoting is already at hand and giving you a nice confirmation of that fact that your lap top is BA. The second is a message from MSI reminding you about their help center and website should any questions come about the warranty or technical support. Beyond the card stock sits the laptop in a secure plastic mold, just big enough to allow smooth removal of the sleek device that is wrapped in another thin layer of plastic, that is incased in a small cloth like fabric acting as a further layer of protection from scratches. I set this a side for the moment and unbox some literature so I can decide on a starting point when booting up the lap top for the first time. Underneath the laptop there lay two more compartments each being occupied by similarly sized black boxes. One of the boxes about 9"x 6" holds the literature with information about startup, how to register your product and some limited warranty information, a disk with the user manual, utilities and driver labeled across the front of it. After I read some information I move to the second box, another 9"x 6" black box. The contents of this box are the charger that is wrapped in the typical protecting layer of plastic. From there, I move to the edge of the box, that holds the AC power adapter, This box is located parallel to the edge of the housing box. It too is black and has a similar black satin color to it, much like the other two boxes. Now moving on to the lap top. I remove the cloth stocking, then the layer of plastic and finally get my finger tips onto the slim and sleek MSI laptop, The screen half has a sticky layer of protective plastic lining its back. Smooth almost perfectly rectangular shape of the lap top, one if it's greatest features is immediately recognized. Then the very fitting gunmetal gray finish striated with black sooths the eye and is aesthetically pleasing. From there as I set the computer down, I notice a cloth layer lining the entire bottom of the laptop, that also has small rubber triangles equally spaced around the perimeter, to ensure that the computer stay in place when [***CENSORED***] hits the fan which at some point will happen.  From there the keyboard is covered with a durable black cloth that covers and protects the keys from dust. A nice touch. After that I remove a couple more little stickers one covering the built in camera, and another pointing out a performance factor of the GTX 10 series graphics.  The unboxing was a pleasure and something I hope you all get to experience for your selves.