Unboxing Trident 3 i5 7400


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Oct 8, 2018
The big system in a little package. 
Not the most powerful of the Trident range but certainly worth the value. Excited to get this out of the box and see it in person to be able to touch it. 

Firstly the system is very well packaged, inside the box a great level of foam padding to prevent any knocks to the system in transport as well as the outer box packaged the same way. Opening the box you will find a neatly packed trident inside of a logo bag, a VR HDMI link cable (small 1ft), a gfx additional power cable, external PSU, Trident stand and documentation. 

I purchased the controller pack edition so it came with the stratus XL controller. The first thing you notice is the light weight and small size of the system itself, average size of a ps4 so will fit snug inside a television table or alike. Light enough to carry around in a rucksack for those gaming party or social gathering events.

Admiring the beauty whilst inserting all the cables for the initial boot felt magical, something this small with lots of power to match. Everything you need right there within reach and nothing in a fiddly position inserting cables. All of the usb's and 3.5 audio ports on both front and back of the system makes for easy and quick setup / removal. 

Now that I have had the system for 3 days I can explain the system better. Purchased for gaming purposes to go along side my other gaming desktops as the smaller compact little sister to the massive ATX case. After installing all the up to date drivers and gaming platforms I started to test the capabilities of what It could do. Being VR ready always a good starting point and it handles VR rather well, no issues. 

Gaming is so easy with the trident ( and in comparison to my other gaming i7 setups ) it is effortless. Ran a series of games I know tax systems, The evil within on max settings, batman Arkham knight on max settings, Dawn of war 3 max settings, battlefield.... no matter what I threw at it no slow down or frame skipping.  Comparing it to my i7 (16gb gtx 1050, 3th hdd etc )  it really does hold its own against a higher power system and there is only a tiny difference but nothing special. 

The only thing I am going to do is place a SSD drive for a speed boost not that it needs it really. 

9.5 / 10


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Jan 1, 2019
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