Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0+960= surprisingly


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Jun 13, 2016
Hey guys
I just build a new rig for a friend of my with a I5 4460 and a MSI GTX960 
so I decided to push it to the limit without overclocking. I ran Unigine Heaven Benchmark at 1080p High settings.
The score I got was 1657 and 65.8 avg FPS. I was very suprised by this. Now I can recommend the GTX 960 to everyone
especially with the price drop it will get because of the new GTX 1070, GTX 1080 and maybe the RX 480.
I am also very interested in the game performance of the GTX 960 paired with the I5 4460 in other games and benchmarks but I dont own the PC with the GTX 960. As I said this PC is the PC of a friend of my so i can't do any more benchmarking:cry:.  There is one thing I don't like and that is that the MSI card is only available in black and red. Don't get me wrong black and red is an awesome color combination but I would really like to see some other colors like black and white. Maybe there is an MSI black and white one but I don't know if you know let me know. of course there are black and white GTX 960 but because were talking on the MSI forum I don't find it very polite to talk about the products of other manufacturer. At the end I want to say that the MSI GTX 960 is a very good grahics card for the money, especially if you're building a HTPC or an budget gaming rig. But I expect that it will be out performed by the rx 480 by a lut. So if you think of buying a new graphics card for 200 bucks than I advise you to wait. but if you really want to game with a NVIDIA graphics card and you will be gaming on 1080p than you should get the GTX 960. but it is not worth it if you consider the fact that the RX 480 will be sold in a couple of months or even weeks and maybe even by MSI. So if you will be buying a Rx 480 and MSI is offering one. Buy the MSI one because MSI makes very good products that stay relative cool under load and overclocking.